What are some good Greasemonkey scripts?
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What are some good Greasemonkey scripts?

I've been using the Firefox extension Greasemonkey for many years but haven't bothered installing many scripts for it. I figure it's about time I start getting something out of this well-known and highly-praised addon.

So I ask you MetaFilter: Which Greasemonkey scripts do you personally use and recommend?

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I love this one, which shows deleted threads on Metafilter. Some interesting stuff gets the kibosh, and it's neat to read why sometimes.
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FFixer is a must if you use Facebook.
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MetaFilter Scroll Tag is great to get back just where you left in long MetaFilter threads. I used it all the time.
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I love Craigslist image preview
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YouTube Enhancer is fantastic. It adds advanced controls to the YouTube player that lets you loop videos, play back a selection, watch frame-by-frame, set the default quality, customize the page layout, download videos as MP4 files, and "turn off the lights," Hulu-style. This makes it vulnerable to server-side changes, but scriptmaker GIJoe is very diligent when it comes to maintenance, and links to his updates can be set to appear automatically at the top of the video page when they're detected.

Greased Lightbox is a nifty script that turns any direct link to an image file into a clickable "lightbox" that displays the full-sized image in a darkened window at the center of the screen (example). You can also use the left and right arrow keys to page through all the other image links on the page, which is great for image galleries.

LookItUp2 is another great all-purpose script. Once it's installed, highlight any text and press one of the script's hotkeys (g for Google, w for Wikipedia, d for Dictionary.com, etc.). Doing this will spawn a cool sidebar and perform a search on the selected text using the appropriate website. You can customize what hotkeys and websites the script uses through Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands... -> LookItUp settings. I use it all the time and love it.

If you use Google Reader, Google Reader Preview is a lifesaver. It allows you to open the full HTML version of any RSS item in a frame within the Reader page, allowing you to read full articles and leave comments without having to leave the tab.

And there are of course plenty of scripts designed for Metafilter. My favorite is Mefiquote -- it adds a [quote] button underneath each comment that will automatically quote it like so:

GlassHeart: "What are some good Greasemonkey scripts?"

You can partially quote a comment by highlighting what you want before clicking the button, and the format of the quote can be tweaked in your preferences page.
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The Metafilter wiki has a page listing most of the popular MeFi-specific scripts. Make sure to check out the tag and search links under "Finding More" for others that aren't listed. This one in particular is one I like.

Among general purpose scripts I like Wikipedia IPA helper, Allow password remembering, Show just image, IMDB Weaver, IMDB Fixer, and many more that I'm too lazy to look up and link. Basically, if there's any site that you use a lot go to userscripts.org and type in the name of the site into the search (or use tags) and see what's out there.
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I've found Greasefire handy for finding useful Greasemonkey scripts.
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GoogleMonkeyR transforms & customizes Google for things like multiple columns, favicons, Google Preview images, blocking sponsored links.

FFixer blocks all the cruft FaceBook throws at you including application updates (no more relentless bombardment from your friends' FarmVille games!).
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Response by poster: Wow - there are some kick ass scripts in here. I especially like that FFixer script for Facebook. Absolutely essential...

Thanks guys. Keep em' coming!
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Just show image is no longer being updated however there is Just show image 2 which has taken over. Yays! Youtube allows you to control youtube's autoplay and default to high quality video.

Not a greasemonkey script, but skipscreen is pretty nice add-on for download sites.
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I like this Mailto Alert which prevents my mail program from automatically launching when a website's "Contact" links to an e-mail address not a contact page.
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Allow Password Remembering
Printer Friendly Redirect
Google Reader Filter
My LiveJournal Style
TinyURL Decoder
Fluff Busting Purity - (was Facebook Purity)
Google Reader - Mark Until Current As Read v 1.3
Title Scrubber

I love userscripts. And userstyles - have you discovered the Stylish extension yet? I few of the above I have actually replaced with styles, which are somewhat less demanding on the browser.
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