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I spend way too much time surfing the web and checking e-mail when I should be working on my job. My job requires that I use the computer, so I cannot simply turn the computer off. Is there a way that I can disable my web browser (Mozilla Firefox) for a set amount of time?

Also, because sometimes my job requires that I conduct web-based searches, even better would be if I can disallow me from certain addresses, such as, for a set amount of time. Ways in which I can do both or either would be much appreciated!
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LeechBlock--I'm using it right now!
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This has been asked before. Here are a couple I found that might help: 1, 2. Also, search lifehacker for some other options.
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If you use GreaseMonkey, Invisibility Cloak is your friend - it lets you block websites for blocks of time (like, no askme from 9 to 5) and tells you to go back to work.
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I have had similar problems (see--I'm even answering your question, which says it all), so I can sympathize. I would actually recommend a program like SafeEyes, or CyberSitter. These programs are primarily designed to keep individuals from surfing "adult" sites but they also have features that can limit the time one spends online.

You can set SafeEyes, for example, so that a user can only access the web between, say, 9-10am and 1-2pm each day. It also has a setting which can limit the total amount of time spent online per day. And programs like this almost always have manual features that allow specific sites to be blocked.

Hope this helps.
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Another option, to go with the ones above: Temptation Blocker.
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I've used many of these options, and Page Addict far exceeds them, IMO.
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Leechblock is the absolute best thing ever. I need to use certain work related websites for my job, so I block all of my distracting websites with Leechblock and use Temptation blocker to block IE (leechblock only works w/ firefox) and IM programs.

Now if only there was "Staring-into-space-daydreaming-about-the-weekend-blocker".
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