Ad blocking for iPad Safari?
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Are there any ad blockers out there that are compatible with iPad Safari, totally plug and play, and ideally free or nominally priced?

I am not a particularly technologically savvy person. However, through reading comments from you lovely knowledgeable people, years ago I installed ad blockers (uBlock and Ghostery) for my MacBook Air Chrome, and between them, they have created such a wonderful web browsing experience that I have been encouraging my husband to do the same (or allow me to do it for him) for his iPad Safari. He has agreed. I naively thought I could just install the same blockers on his device, but it turns out I am totally wrong.

In doing my own research into ad blockers for iPad Safari, I am not confident that I can pick a simple blocker that is free and doesn't require a ton of (or, ideally, any) user configuration -- my husband is even less tech savvy than I am, and some of the reviews of various blockers suggest that I could inadvertently make things worse for his browsing experience rather than better!

What are the ad blockers for iPad Safari y'all are using these days?
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I’m pretty happy with AdMop on my iPhone.
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Wipr is a good choice for a not particularly tech-savvy person, though like with a lot of these one-person-shop kind of apps, there's always a risk that the developer will stop updating it. AdGuard is a little more complicated, but also a little more feature-rich.
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Firefox Focus. It's a web browser on its own, but you never have to use it. You just set Safari's content blocking to "Firefox Focus", and continue using Safari.
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2nding Firefox Focus. Works really well on both iPad and iPhone.
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Better Blocker is an option from a small privacy-oriented org with good principles.
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Thanks everyone for the Firefox focus tip - that was a new one to me. I came here to mention Next DNS. It doesn't get rid of every ad, but it has made browsing the web on my iPad a lot better.
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I like Wipr on the desktop but already had Crystal on my iPad and it's still mostly working for me. Every now and then it misses the content mill "around the web" garbage but it gets almost every basic ad unit otherwise.
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Try Hush. It’s free and works well.
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I use Better Blocker too.
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This question reminded me that I actually have an iOS ad blocker installed. It's Hush, and I still see ads all the time, so consider that an anti-recommendation. Just installed Better Blocker and it's looking great so far.
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