Reputable clock repair in Atlanta, GA
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Anyone care to ecommend a good clock repair shop in or around Atlanta? We've inherited an old (~1920) Seth Thomas clock that we like, but it won't run for more than an hour or two.

I know it's wound enough because I can start the pendulum swinging without winding and the clock will run for a couple more hours.

I've got a list of shops, but no recommendations.
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Once an ex-boyfriend of mine tricked me into taking his (unbeknownst to me) counterfeit watch to be repaired - we lived in Atlanta. I took it to It's About Time at Perimeter Mall. They were really nice about it - they told me the watch was fake but they fixed it anyway.

I would have preferred a reliable boyfriend but I got a reliable watch repair shop instead. I can't say for sure whether they repair clocks too - maybe call them?
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We have an old grandfather clock in our family, an absolutely lovely Hershede, that's not quite working right and needs repair... I looked around a bit before we decided it would be too expensive for now and held off.

I went down to Clock World, at 307 Main St. in Loganville... they seemed like nice folks, and had a boatload of clocks in the store. It felt like they'd been there a long, long time. (whether or not they actually HAVE, I can't tell you, but it felt that way.)

Just bought some polish from them, didn't actually have them fix the clock, but they were nice, and the store seemed quite busy. If it's not too much of a drive for you, you might give them a try.

If you do use them, and like your results, please let me know, as we do still need to get the family clock fixed too. :)
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There was a great shop at Lindbergh Plaza, but I don't know what happened to it when they tore the Plaza down. If you have a phone book from last year, it should still be in there. Maybe they moved and their number still works.
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Response by poster: Frank: Bowers Watch and Clock Repair?
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Under no conditions use Clockworks. You cannot visit the shop; the clock is collected, taken to the shop and then delivered back to you. Even though I spent hundreds of dollars and waited five months, the work was lousy.
Avoid Clockworks at all costs.
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