at the very least, it's a pretty clock.
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Anyone have recommendations for an Atmos clock repairer?

I just inherited my grandfather's Atmos desk clock (Caliber 526), and when he packed it, I think my father unlocked the balance wheel (which is very, very bad from what I have read).

From what I've read on the Internet, it's very difficult to repair such a clock and it should only be done by the most professional of professionals.

So I'm looking for recommendations, preferably places that are within driving range of either Rochester, NY or Danbury, CT (I'd prefer not to ship the clock to get it fixed.)
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Atmos Service & Parts Ctr USA (sorry, no website) looks like it's about an hour away from Danbury, in New Rochelle.

Phone: 914-576-2800
145 Huguenot St # 1
New Rochelle, NY
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I received my grandfather's Atmos clock years ago. Last year I decided to have it put back into working condition. I searched around and found a clock shop just miles from me which listed Atmos repairs on their site.

My clock, too, traveled with the balance wheel unlocked. The clock shop quoted $500 for an overhaul, it took two weeks, and it has worked fine ever since. They gave a one year warranty. I agree that you should use a local shop. I would be very afraid to package and ship this clock anywhere.

I suggest that you ask local clock repair shops for their recommendations. I am sure that it is a profession where reputations get around.

Good luck.
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Response by poster: Midnight Skulker > I don't want to ship it either. I live in Rochester, my sister lives in Danbury (if I pick a repair shop out there, I would bring the clock with me the next time I drove to visit her).

There are one or two local clock repair shops, I will give them a call and see whom they suggest.
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Response by poster: As it turns out, the first clock repair shop I called said they work with Atmos clocks all the time (evidenced by the fact that the woman gasped quite loudly when I told her what happened).

So I took it in this afternoon, got my estimate for repair, overhaul and cleaning. They said it would take six to eight weeks, so that'll give me the time to save up the money to pay for it....
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