Help me work from home on my Mac!
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Using work apps at home under OS X. How do I make an image of my work hard drive on an external Firewire hard drive, bring it home, boot up my Mac from it, and use the apps to do print production work?

I'm using the Adobe CS2 suite, Quark, and Pitstop Pro in Acrobat 7. Plus Font Agent Pro, etc. Using Carbon Copy Cloner I imaged my work hard drive onto an external Firewire hard drive that booted my home Mac successfully. However, the CS2 apps, Quark, and Pitstop didn't retain the registration info. I understand the "transfer activation" process in CS2 but it didn't want to take. Do I need to install the Adobe apps onto the hard drive from the original discs?

Solving this will allow my department to work from home -- thank you all!
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The CS2 activation/registration profile will notice you're running them on different systems and will want you to transfer your registration.

Installing CS2 apps to your hard drive might help but for some reason I don't think it will let you install it on external drive. Even if it did, the activation software will probably notice something different in the signature it generates -- looking at the processor and other elements that is uses to determine if it is on a different computer.

But according to the license on my copy of Photoshop CS2, section 2.4 says I can use it on my home/portable computer as long as I am not using it simultaneously with the work system. In order to do this, you'd just install it at home using the original disks and serial number. I haven't tried it but it might work.
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What does Adobe's support site say about this?
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