Are there any particularly awesome external firewire hard drive enclosures that I should be aware about?
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Are there any particularly awesome external firewire hard drive enclosures that I should be aware about?

I want to put a Western Digital 500 GB SATA drive in one. I'm interested in enclosures people have actually used. (I can find reviews online myself.)
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Response by poster: OK.

Well, are there any external enclosures I should avoid like the plague?
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I use a Vantec Nexstar 3 (though USB 2.0 and PATA) and have had no problems whatsoever. And it seems to have just as good of reviews for their Firewire and/or SATA models. (I read through a hell of a lot of reviews before deciding on that brand/model).
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There is some discussion about external hard drive enclosures in the comments of this post. Though it's not the most up to date discussion on the subject.
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The problem with all-in-one boxes (ie, with multiple drive bays) is that the weakest link is the fan, followed by the PSU. A single failure in a 50-cent fan can bring your whole array down. There are ways around this - get an enclosure with standard, easily replaceable components, or split your array into several distinct, separate enclosures so that a single cheap component failure (and believe me, they will fail) will not bring down your entire storage unit. To avoid fan issues, you can get single, fanless enclosures. You still have the problem with the PSUs which are generally not built to anything like the same levels as a CPU box PSU. It's tragic, but you can spend $500 on a fancy NAS enclosure and it's using the same crappy no-name PSU as a $30 enclosure. Serious enclosures have multiple, redundant PSUs.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm just looking for a single drive enclosure. If I think when I get another hard drive i'll throw the enclosures away and put everything in a computer. I agree that these all-in-one NAS solutions seem like over priced Linux boxes.

The Vantec Nexstar 3 certainly sounds good. I've also read positive reviews.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting a Vantec Nextstar 3 eSata + USB 2.0 enclosure. I wanted Firewire but they don't sell a SATA + Firewire enclosure, which was kind of strange. I actually found it difficult to find anyone that sold SATA + Firewire enclosures for a reasonable price. (Even this enclosure was half the price of the drive I put in it!) So far so good.
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The WiebeTech enclosures have a very good reputation, and I've been happy with mine (particularly the TrayDock).
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