Best shuttle service from Atlanta airport to Athens, GA?
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I'm heading to a conference in Athens in the spring and need to get from the airport in Atlanta over to Athens. There are a bunch of services listed on the airport website for regional shuttle service. I'm not picky -- I almost always use a basic shuttle service to get from the airport to a hotel in town, but I've never had as far to travel before. What's your preferred company?
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The only time I've done this, I used Groome and my driver was an incredibly kind and interesting person who I would not hesitate to ride with again.
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As far as I know the only regional shuttle that goes to Athens is Groome, which drove AAA out of business in 2011.

I have nothing good to say about them, but they are the only game in town.
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Groome is the only option, as far as I know. My experience with them was totally unremarkable. They were on time, they answered my questions, and I was totally pleased.

If you're on a major budget and your schedule allows it, you could take megabus from Atlanta to Athens. Otherwise, Groome is it.
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There seem to be lots of companies listed on the airport site, sorry for not posting previously. Here's the link:
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You could take megabus from the MARTA civic center in Atlanta to get to Athens.
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Those other companies don't go to Athens. They go to Augusta, Birmingham, Fayetteville, etc.
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Thanks to those who pointed out that Groome is the only service which actually goes to Athens. You saved me. I'll make my reservations with Groome. Thanks again!
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Another voice saying I've used Groome and no worries -- they're fine.
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Megabus definitely goes from Atlanta to Athens and vice versa. I've taken it a few times, it seems to be the preferred option among savvy people who travel a lot between Athens and Atlanta.
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Groome is fine. I've taken them many times and never had a problem.
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My wife took Groome from ATL to Athens a month ago and had no complaints. I came down a couple days later to spend the weekend there, and rented a car (we came back together in the car). For some reason, car rental out of ATL is crazy cheap - I paid less than $80 for a 2 day rental of a Nissan Altima from Enterprise, including all the taxes and airport fees (though my Amex auto coverage meant that I declined all the optional coverage, and I brought my own GPS). If you can drive, you might find that car rental + gas is less than a round trip on the shuttle. Any hotel in Athens should have free parking. Car rental at ATL is easily accessible via a rail shuttle.
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Grooms is fine, Megabus is awesome and a fraction of the cost, literally. Megabus also has the virtue of being as anonymous as you want to be, while Groome drivers can be chatty. The only thing is you'll have to take a quick train ride to where the Megabus picks up.
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