Simpsons clown music?
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What is the circus music played in the "Homie the Clown" episode of the Simpsons, wherein Homer goes to clown college?

Inspired by this AskMe about clown music, which referred back to the previous AskMe on the topic. The music that these people asked about is not actually the music in the Simpson's episode. Here is the clip from the Simspons episode. Is it an original piece?
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Best answer: Yup!
In the commentary, executive producer David Mirkin says that's an original piece done by Alf Clausen that mimics the circus sounds.

Lennie: Hey homer! The section you're supposed to be monitoring is on fire!


Clowns are funny.
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Oh. And Alf Clausen scores the music on the show.
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Also, that other song refers to the episode "Marge on the Lam," where Homer imagines the ballet as a circus act featuring a bear wearing a red cap and riding a car. I was gonna comment there, but the thread is closed.
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They used that music in the Praiseland episode, too.

Alf Clausen is the man.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That is a fantastic little piece of music. I like it better than the "real" circus song.
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Alf Clausen is clearly a genius.
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