Simpsonsfilter! Homerpalooza: The Director's Cut?
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I am possibly misremembering an edit of the Homerpalooza episode of the Simpsons that had someone getting beaten up in the crowd. Do you remember who it was?

I seem to recall that there is an edit of this episode where, as they pan across the crowd, someone is getting beaten up-- and if memory serves, that person is Steven Malkmus from Pavement (I think during the Smashing Pumpkins set?). Google-fu is failing me-- did I make this memory up? Or was it someone else..?
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I can't find any evidence of that scene in Homerpalooza - no deleted scenes or syndication-cut scenes, anyway. The closest I can think of is in the Trash of the Titans episode, where Homer is being beaten up by security guards while U2 play "In the Name of Love."
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Yeah, I definitely don't remember that. Also, how would we know it's Steven Malkmus? Simpsons-ified drawings can be great, but not always that good (nor is Malkmus so recognizable) that we'd get "I can tell that's the guy from Pavement without being told so" in a wide shot.

Not like David Crosby Jon Swartzwelder, right?
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Thirding it not being Homerpalooza–it doesn't really fit the tone of the episode, and most of the crowds are very minimally animated (some are just purple), anyway.
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