Name that vaguely show-tuney tune
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What song plays over the closing credits in the last episode of The Simpsons?

It's season 21, episode 6, "Pranks and Greens," guest-starring Jonah Hill. The song starts around 20:47 here. We thought maybe it was Holst, Vaughan Williams, or Gilbert & Sullivan, but can't identify it. I don't see any mention of it in the closing credits or in the googles.
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Best answer: It's the troika from the Lieutenant Kije suite by Prokofiev.

Be of good cheer. :)
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Response by poster: You rock! Thanks!
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mllrstv got it - it was Troika. I can think of about 4 times I've played this in various band programs through my instrumental career, so it was quite the trip to hear it throughout the episode.
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