Help me find a satirical article that Google won't
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Bit of a trivial thing, but I've been trying to find this one particular satirical article/column for a year or two now. I could have sworn it was something from The Onion, but none of the searches I've done has turned up anything like what I'm looking for. I'm hoping that these details will be enough to jog someone else's memory.

The details:
  • Written from the point of view of a guy who's just joined a company
  • The guy prides himself on his mastery of "lore"
  • To his new coworkers' horror, he adds copious amounts of lore to (I believe) their source code control system
  • They go out to lunch, where Lore Guy bores them with tales of other restaurants
  • When Lore Guy goes to the bathroom, everyone ditches him
You'd think with all that detail it would be easy to find, right? And yet my Google-fu fails me. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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I've been reloading this page for a week now, hoping someone would answer. I too remember this article, and have googled it unsuccessfully.

Also, eponysterical!
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There's no lunch aspect to it, but could it be Hexing the technical interview from 2017? It was posted on the blue at the time.
And with that iterator, we’ll need hasNext and Next()…” The bytes are coming faster now. This is so much better than Old West Norse hexography, where both odd and even digits shared the same rune.

There's a few related blog entries.
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