The Easter Bunny is risen
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Does anyone know where to find the 2002 Easter cards from The Onion?

You might remember there were three funny little cards that were awesomely sacrilegious. One pictured a crucified rabbit another showed Jesus with an Easter basket. The third I do not recall. I've scoured the internet. There are plenty of references to said cards, but I haven't been able to find any posts which display them. The Onion apparently chose not to republish them after the redesign as they cannot be found in the archives. I know someone out there remembers. It would be a shame if the cards were lost forever.
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I remember these and wish I could help. These were second only to the Valentine's cards for me.
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Response by poster: I missed the Valentine's cards. I can only imagine.
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Best answer: The third was the Shrove Tuesday Duck* bleeding from its feet and carrying a cross on its way to be crucified...

Try here:

Interestingly, my Google-fu turned this up in the form of a Previously... On Metafilter.

* Wait, the Shrove Tuesday duck is a proper Easter thing that other people know about, right? It's just that Google returns no exact results when searching for "Shrove Tuesday Duck", which I'm finding... creepy. I served time in Sunday School briefly as a kid, and I'm sure I remember it being mentioned on animated '80s Easter TV specials, and yet there's seemingly no mention of it on the webs. I'm not intenting to sound particularly LOL-XIANIST or anything (well, not this time), but without external references it sounds like something I might've made up as a kid to contrast against the seemingly crazy idea of rabbit-couriered chocolate.
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Response by poster: Yay MarchHare, you found them! THANK YOU!
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