Onion bit re: brother & sister wait for sibling relationship to occur?
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The Onion posted either a photo with a title, or a short article, around the idea of a brother and sister who are awkwardly waiting until they somehow magically end up with a close sibling relationship. I've googled and searched the Onion site, but I can only find the one about the brother and sister who talk on the phone to make their mom happy.

I can't remember if it was just a photo, or a photo with an article, but there was definitely a photo of a young man and young woman sitting awkwardly next to one another by the headline.

I've been failing to find this all morning, but I'm certain one of you will find it in no time.
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Best answer: ici
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Response by poster: Unbelievable. This lurker salutes you.

Out of curiosity, what were your search terms?
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Sister, but you have to sort by date. Do that and it's the first result.
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Or second result, sorry.
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love the creepy twist at the end of the article...
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