Help me find a good air purifier here in South Africa
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Googling for appliance recommendations is always frustrating because the models that people recommend are hardly ever available here in South Africa. We live in an area where there is often wood and coal smoke, exhaust fumes, and pollen, which exacerbates our sinus issues. I'd like to alleviate that by having an air purifier in our bedroom. Does that sound reasonable? So far this one looks good to me: Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier

I only understand some of these specs, I know that "True HEPA" is important so that looks good:
Filter: 3-in-1 filter (Pre filter, True HEPA, Carbon) and UVC Lamp + PCO
Sound pressure level: 30 dB (Low speed); ,40dB (medium speed), 50dB (high speed) CADR: 125cfm (o.1 micron M AHAM standard) Ideal for spaces of up to 40m2

That seems like a huge space - our bedroom is 9m2
The reviews seem ok, they claim it's quiet. Does this look like a reasonable filter? I'm not hoping for a miracle, just to have better air quality when we sleep. Will I be wasting money with this, or will it make a difference? What else should I be looking for?
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Disclaimer: American

It's very difficult to find reviews of air purifiers in South Africa. One South African site I noticed only sold Solenco and Fellowes brands, which implied to me a limited range of choices. I see online that many people order from (because you know the product will run 220v). A recommended air purifier in the UK is the Levoit LV-H132. Getting to ZA is the difficulty...

I _suspect_ that the Solenco is fine, but it's almost impossible to wade through the huge number of search results which basically all point back to Solenco's web site.

The reviews on seem all positive, and don't appear to be obvious fakes. It's probably a fine choice. You probably will see an improvement, and it's probably not a bad purchase. Probably.

You can read the Wirecutter review, not as a recommendation of brands, but as background information about what is important, and why.

Sorry to be so incomplete.
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