Where can I find old Valentines Day cards from the Onion?
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Looking for a series of Valentines Day cards from the Onion that were put up on the web somewhere around 2002-2003

It was a series of six cards "aimed" at kids but with very graphic and disturbing images. One I believe had the caption "Twirlin' my meat for you" and another featured a boy ripping his own heart out in anguish to give to a girl.

I've searched the Interwebs and come up with the expired link to the cards (http://www.theonion.com/onion3805/valentines_day_kids_page.html) and so far can find nothing. Does anyone else remember these/have a copy on their hard drive/know where to find them? Thanks!
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I've got them archived if you want them. I liked them enough at the time to save them in my folder full of questionable content.
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Oh, sorry. I checked the images and I don't think they're what you are looking for. I'm pretty sure they are from The Onion, but they aren't the "kids" valentines. I know the ones you are talking about though...
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Response by poster: Do you know which ones you have? Can you describe them?
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Best answer: Here's a photobucket user who has them. Not sure what else he is sharing in that album, so don't blame me if you get goatse'd.
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Response by poster: awesome! thanks!
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The ones I have look like the covers of cards, innocent enough until you read what they say. If they aren't from the Onion they're from something similar. I've had them for several years at least. I think one has a pattern of letters that, when you look closely, reads 'anal sex tonite?" and the rest aren't far off.
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