Affordable Non-Strip Vegas Hotel
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Going to Red Rocks Canyon with two friends. We're looking for an affordable place to stay that's not on the strip. Would love to have a pool/hot tub.

We're trying to find something in the cheap-moderate range. It would be nice to have some of the Vegas type amenities without being on the strip. Don't need gambling. Pool/hot tub would be nice.

Sort of separately, if we were to get an airbnb, what area would be good?

Thank you!
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Define affordable? The Tuscany is usually pretty cheap, has large rooms, and kitchenettes which can help reduce your food costs. I think it's usually under $100/night. It's also a reasonable walk to the strip of you want to catch a little bit of it.
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Summerlin is on the way to Red Rock Canyon, you might try there for Airbnbs in new homes with pools and hot tubs.
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It's hard to beat the Suncoast for both cost and proximity to Red Rock. Station Casinos' Red Rock Station is closer to the entrance to Red Rock, but it's an order of magnitude more expensive for ten minutes less of a drive.

Outside of Airbnbs in Summerlin or Peccole Ranch, I'm not sure it would be terrible worthwhile to look at hotel-style accommodations in Vegas without casinos—outside of the mainstream (and expensive) business travel-focused chains you'd find anywhere else, the pickings are sometimes slim and often sketchy.
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Westgate is off the strip (although connected via the monorail) and has all the Las Vegas amenities. It’s dirt cheap during the week. I use it for coming and going to Death Valley.
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We had an absolutely delightful stay at Element recently. It's close to Red Rocks, has a pool, don't remember about the hot tub. Large rooms with surprisingly full kitchens. Best of all, the entire property is nonsmoking, unlike so much of Las Vegas.
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Check out The Downtowner. It's in Downtown but not right in the middle of Fremont St, it's got no gambling, a pool/fitness center if you want that, and you can't really beat the price.
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Seconding The Tuscany.
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I just stayed at the Grandview and it was fine. Boring location but if you have a car it won't matter. The rooms are actually apartments, and there are hot tubs and multiple pools.
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Eastside Cannery (not just The Cannery - that's a different one) tends to have some really good rates, and the building is pretty new (less than 10 years, I think) so the rooms are pretty decent. It's right next to the 95, so if you're going to Red Rock it's a quick trip up 95N -> Summerlin Parkway -> 215S -> Charleston St. Pretty quick if it's not rush hour.

If you want closer, the Rampart and Suncoast are really close to Red Rock. I don't know about their room rates, but the area is nice.

If you want an AirBnb, look for Summerlin or Spring Valley - you're directly down Charleston St from Red Rock in those areas. Mountain's Edge, also, since you can just go straight up 160. In which case the Silverton or South Coast are now options for hotels.

PM me if you have any questions - I live right near Red Rock and have hiked around the area occasionally.
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Rio on Expedia has a room on Feb 28th for $54 per night. They are off strip and have free parking.
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I stayed at the hampton inn in north lv on a road trip
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sam's town isn't awful - but it's not the best, either.
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At the moment I'm at the Sahara for my company's kickoff. The rooms are small but the bed is comfortable and the staff is nice. I think it's like $50-90 night depending on time of year. Looks like they have a pool and spa.
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