How to get the *BEST* deal on a 5 star hotel in Vegas (Wynn, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Mirage)?
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How to get the *BEST* deal on a 5 star hotel in Vegas (Wynn, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Mirage)?

We are going to be taking a trip out to Vegas and staying there from 7/6/07 through 7/10/07. We're looking to book a regular room in one of these hotels: Wynn, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Mirage. I'd like to stay @ the Wynn the most. The best rate I can get for that hotel for these dates now is an average daily rate of $264. I've looked on but unfortunately they do not offer deals for the Wynn where I can make an offer. I've checked rates for the Wynn through my AAA membership, American Express rewards benefits,, all the major travel sites (,,, etc.) and can't find any cheaper rates.

Any ideas? I have *not* yet called the hotel to see if I can get a better rate that way. I do not want to call until I have a good idea of the things I should say and questions I should ask to get a better rate.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated..
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First off, summer is Vegas' low season (120 degrees, are you nuts?!), so the prices you're getting quoted are already pretty low.

Are you a high roller? If so, call the hotel and ask to speak to a host. If not, you're pretty much screwed. Vegas is running at record high capacity, (they actually LOST rooms this year due to Stardust and other demolitions/construction) so they can pretty much charge whatever they want.

Once you get there, sign up to all the club card thingies and make sure you use the cards whenever you gamble. They'll send you nice deals via email/snailmail every now and then. I just got one for $25/night at Excalibur, and I'm a low roller. w000h00!!
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$20 might get you a room upgrade once you check in.
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The Wynn is a top property (newer, name appeal, higher end rooms). Bellagio is a step down. Mirage and Caesars are a further step down. I'm just saying this so people realize these are different price points.

Getting cheaper hotel rooms is Vegas is not the same as one in LA or Boston. The best deals are not on the travel websites. As stated above, best deals are for known regulars (club cards for us peons, and all comped for the big rollers). I have had luck searching the resorts websites for rare deals....and in some cases just calling the hotels and asking for deals. Failing that, see my last paragraph

Unless you have a reason to stay at a particular hotel for a given event, I would suggest getting something mid-price, in the mid-strip. I usually stay at Treasure Island or Mirage....but sometimes get deals at Harrahs or Imperial Palace. If you want to walk and see other properties from the one you stay in, you will appreciate staying mid-strip.

One other trick I learned about. Whereever you book, usually get the most basic room. When I arrive to check in I slip the clerk a $20 (fold it and hand directly to them with a smile)...then ask about upgrades. If there are upgrade rooms available - and there will likely'll get it for free. This applies to your entire stay.
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As a resident of Las Vegas, Bellagio definitely is NOT a step down from the Wynn. Bellagio is at the top on the strip (there's fountains in front of it!).

Check out each hotel's web site. I usually check expedia or then check the hotel's web site to see if it's cheaper, which it usually is.

Mandalay Bay is also a 5-star hotel and it ALWAYS has the cheapest rates on the strip. It is the last hotel on the south side of the strip though, so I don't know how convenient that is for you.
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Use Priceline. The only 5-star Strip property they list is the Venetian (unless this has changed in the last year), so if you submit a bid for a 5-star on the Strip, it's guaranteed to be the V. During the low season, you can get a room there for $99 a night, no sweat (I've done this twice, and not even during the dead of summer). Worst case, they reject your bid. The Venetian is a pretty great property, by the way; I don't know why you haven't considered it.
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Seconding uncleozzy. Also check the forums at Better Bidding. People in the Priceline / Nevada forum frequently report very low winning bids on Venetian stays, often between $99-$150.
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$20 might get you a room upgrade once you check in.

i think you mean as you check in, but this is definitely some smart advice. As a visitor, I second the Venetian, and enjoy the Mirage. The Wynn is a little meh for me, but if you're going with your wife, you might really enjoy it together.
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"As a resident of Las Vegas, Bellagio definitely is NOT a step down from the Wynn. Bellagio is at the top on the strip (there's fountains in front of it!)."

My comment was with regard to price points. Wynn will set you back more than the Bellagio. However, the Wynn has nicer standard rooms, is newer, and a better buffet (IMO). Both are great properties. I like the Bellagio's location better, I must admit.

Yes, the Bellagio has the fountains.....which can be viewed by anyone walking by.
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As someone who frequents Vegas a great deal and has stayed at all the spots on (and off) the strip, may I point out that the Mirage and Caesar's Palace are definitely a step down from Bellagio, Wynn, and the Venetian. But frankly, I would strongly suggest considering my personal favorite: THEhotel at the Mandalay, particularly if you like a more modern interior design. You may find some deals there.
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I view the Wynn as slightly better than the Bellagio for everything except location, and the Wynn's not so bad for location if you're with someone who likes shopping. Mirage and Caesar's are clearly a step down. I got a free room and meals at the Wynn, but I was betting $400/hand at blackjack for several hours.

If you're a high roller, Priceline and similar travel websites are a mistake, because the casino can't comp you for what you pay them. Book the room yourself and ask to speak to a casino host and explain what kind of action you plan to give them.

I second the frontdesktip website if you care about getting a cooler room once you're there.
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For what it's worth, you will get different opinions from different people about which of those three are better, but only the Bellagio, the Wynn and the Venetian are really five star hotels. (Personally, I like the Wynn rooms and pool better, and used to like the floor before they went to mostly continuous shuffle on sane-minimum blackjack, the Bellagio has the best location and restaurants and the Venetian looks the nicest.) )I don't think Mandalay Bay or The Hotel are usually considered five star places. The others on your list or mentioned here are four stars or below.

In addition to the other strategies already described here, you should seriously consider splitting your nights and staying 7/6 and 7/7 (Friday and Saturday) at a lower-end place (I like the Aladdin when I do this - you can usually get it through the refundable better bidding link at around $170/night on weekends) and then staying at the nice places the other two nights. Friday and Saturday are much busier and much, much more expensive. You can often find refundable rates directly with the hotels (see Better Bidding for this) for under $200 for weekday stays; I usually book these (I like the Venetian) as soon as I buy my plane ticket and then try to get better deals through Priceline, Expedia, Hotwire, whatever.

That said, it is difficult, even with Priceline or the other opaque sites, to get the Venetian or other high-end properties (I have also heard that the Wynn is occasionally available on Hotwire) for under $260 or so for weekend nights.

Getting good deals and getting comped is great, but note that if you want to get comped you often have to initially pay a rack rate and then get comped out at 25% of your expected losses, based on your play. I play a lot and still never get more than around 50% of my room comped when I stay at a high-end place using that strategy. I usually kick myself for not using a cheaper booking strategy and just using my comps for other stuff. You are probably better off using your comps for food and shows.

I have never tried a tip at check-in, but I think that it is unlikely to be successful at anywhere nice or anywhere where they can see that you are paying some discounted rate. The rack rates for the 5 star property basic rooms are >$500. You are mistaken if you think that slipping someone a $20 is going to get them to put you in a $1000/night suite or deluxe room when you only paid $260 for the regular room anyway. Maybe it works 1 time out of 20 at places like this.
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