Did you see the Beatles at Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 1964?
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OK, perhaps a longshot (but MeFi is always amazing)... my daughter is doing an article on the Beatles at Red Rocks in 1964 and would love to interview someone who was actually there. Anyone?
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A good place to check might be reddit. They have a music sub-reddit. I dont quite trust Redditors as much as I do Mefites, but in general, they be very good people too.
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There's a Red Rocks page on Facebook; you could post your question there, and/or contact the moderators of the page to ask them if they might have any leads.
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Nick DeSciose was there and shot photos. Could start with him. And here's a guy quoted in 2004. I'd go back to newspapers from the dates and see who said what to whom.
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The Craigslist for the Red Rocks area would be something that I would try (sort of sketchy, but you could act as a first contact filter). For similar projects in the past I've had luck contacting a large Facebook fangroup (this one has around 70,000 members) to see if the moderators either have first-hand knowledge, or would be willing to put out a message for you. More Web 1.0, but this forum appears to be relatively active and would allow you to post your own thread (I would read the rules a bit first and see if that's kosher). It's a bit of a generalization, but many of the people who would be primary sources are likely to be grandparents at this point, and may be happy to help spread love of the band to a younger generation. I would frame any requests like that, personally.
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If she's a reporter, have her post a query on Help a Reporter Out.
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Thanks folks. Will pursue some of these.
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