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Today I noticed a Turtle Crossing sign in my town. What are some other unique road signs specific to your region? These can include any animal crossing signs or other unique road signs that are less universal and more regional/unusual. [Looking for real signage, not fictitious signs or joke signs from memes or gift shops.]
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There was once a "Watch for Wild Turkey" sign in the middle of our (urban) neighbourhood. It disappeared at some point, though.
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I expect you're hoping for something cuter, but I passed "Obey Your Signal Only" on my walk to high school, which you think would not be something that required signage. It meant "watch for a green light, not for cars going the other way to move because their light turns green first".
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We have a lot of turtle crossing signs. Brake for Moose signs. Deer crossing. Pukwudgie Xing. We also have the caution sign that say "Changing lanes? Use yah Blinkah" and "Wicked high tides"
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Best answer: In Washington state...
"entering apple maggot quarantine area"
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I've seen bear crossing signs in the vacinity of Lake Tahoe.
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Definitely not unique to Portland or the Northwest, but we have rather dramatic signs warning folks on bikes about railroad tracks.
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Near Cape Town, South Africa there are signs to watch out for the endangered Western Leopard toads crossing the road.

Then at Boulders Beach, also near Cape Town, there are signs to check under your car for penguins before leaving the parking area.
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We used to have frog signs.
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These Icelandic traffic signs are all real, though the captions are jokey.

Tourists sometimes steal them.
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Upstate New York has "Cow Crossing" signs.
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Capybara crossing sign in Brazil
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California has "Buy it where you burn it" signs intended to discourage the transportation of firewood in order to prevent the spread of invasive forrest pests.
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How's a loop-the-loop warning? This sign is found on Hwy 441 in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
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(admittedly this is about a funny name and not an unusual sign, but I have to post) Southeastern Wisconsin has a recreation area named for WWII Air Force Medal of Honor recipient. One with a last name that never ceases to make me giggle whenever I see the sign:

Bong Recreation Area
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Otters crossing warning signs on Shetland. I saw one of these when I visited many years ago.
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We used to have Heartbreak Dead Ahead posted outside a beloved music store in Portland. It was an official Portland DOT sign, erected at the behest of a city commissioner. Sadly, it was subsequently stolen and hasn't been replaced.
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My wife likes to tell the tale of the sign that she saw in the Scottish Highlands many years ago, that simply read: Stromeferry (no ferry). Apparently this sign is quite famous, and also featured in Iain Banks' novel Complicity.
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Best answer: We have bear crossings here, and bears. My drive back home after I've been visiting family is Moose Crossing, Bear Crossing, Moose Crossing.

But the one I always love is Hidden Drives, which is not that unusual but people use it as ever-so-slightly-racy double entendres for things. I've always liked Road Ends in Water 300 Feet (near a dam in Massachusetts). Here is Wombat Crossing, in South Australia and Drowsy Drives Die right ahead of it. Also this old one from... somewhere in the Pacific NW "It's the law you must stop for me"

There is also GLOBE LIQUORS in Fall River MA which is a DOT sign (I think?) and I have no idea why.
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The kangaroo signs are a national symbol because they're pretty much everywhere; tourists love them and think they're cute, but if you want to die, or at best, write your car off, ignore a kangaroo sign.

Wombats come out in the evening, and will also write your car off. Beware of packs of large flightless birds while driving in the morning or evening. You would feel bad about hitting a koala. You'd feel even worse about hitting an echidna. Don't even think about running into a camel. The worst and most terrifying one though for the actual dinosaur—cassowary crossing.
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Nene crossing” in Hawaii. Nene being the state bird of Hawaii, and endangered.
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Beware of Invisible Cows (Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi)
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In Québec they have signs that say "Attention à nos enfants, c'est peut-être le vôtre" (watch out for our children, it could be your own) with an image of a dead kid on it.
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I’m personally a fan of the Ohio Scenic Byway highway marker.
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I really like the ! Road Sign, which I saw in Greece. I feel it covers things better than caution signs.
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This sign gets vandalized frequently, but I pulled over to take this picture due to the paddle.

I get a kick out of the sassy signs alerting truckers that they aren't allowed to relax yet as they come down east of the Rockies on I-70.
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Warp Drive
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Stop for Me, It’s the [C]law in Seattle.
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Not my own personal neck of the woods, but I did see kudu crossing signs in Botswana. I can’t find my own photo of them, but there are also elephant crossing signs at points along the highways (and we did indeed see elephants crossing). Of course, one should always, “Beware of Hippos and Crocodiles”!
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I’m fond of “THICKLY SETTLED,” which I think is Massachusetts-speak for densely populated.
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I haven't noticed if they're still around, but these Brooklyn signs were up for a while at least.
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Spotted in Amsterdam
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It is in a neighborhood where a pair of barred owls settled, and the residents were concerned about the young owls getting hit by traffic when learning to fly.
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In Puerto Rico's El Yunque National Forest, I saw a lot of signs WARNING! about rabid mongooses.
(And yes, that was the plural...)
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Secret Nuclear Bunker
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Volcano evacuation route signs around Mt. Rainier.
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The District of North Vancouver has had some good ones. "These flowerbeds are now metric. Please, no feet."
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I don’t think I have photos, but on a trip to southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, I encountered “high winds may exist” which was pleasingly existential. I also encountered a (not actually that unusual, but new to an east-coaster) “open range” sign that was placed perfectly in the middle of a huge stretch of absolutely nothing.
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There are Newt Xing signs in Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA.
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I came to post the THICKLY SETTLED sign too, which along with the SANDWICH POLICE car was a linguistic highlight of a Cape Cod trip.
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I forget exactly where this is (somewhere in Connecticut, I think?), but on the way to my parents’ place there’s a big sign that reads “PRISON AHEAD - DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS”.
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In Newport, Oregon where I went to high school, there used to be a sign at a stoplight (no idea if it’s still there) that read “Proceed or Turn on Green.” That always cracked me up.
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Somewhere near me there's a highway exit marked as coming up in 1/6 mi. I haven't seen that one elsewhere.
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Our street and road signs here in Hong Kong are in both English and Chinese, but the languages are not necessarily straight translations or simple transliterations, which leads to some interesting linguistic quirks:

- In at least one case, there appears to have been a right-to-left transliteration error: Rednaxela Terrace.

- English street names are often just a phonetic rendering of how the Chinese street name would be pronounced in Cantonese, rather than a full translation: 鹹魚街 is Ham Yu Street in English, not Salted Fish Street.

- Concomitantly, streets named after English-language people or ideas are often, but not always, phonemically rendered into Cantonese, or an approximation of it. Gloucester Road is 告士打道, which sounds a bit like 'gao si da' plus 'douh', the word for 'road'.

- Sometimes the references require a bit of background knowledge about the site itself. The British naval base in the centre of Admiralty here was the HMS Tamar, but this land is now occupied by the Central Government Offices and Tamar Park. The street names around the complex are Tim Wa and Tim Mei Avenues, both plays on the the word 'Tamar'. Neither Chinese phrase has anything to do with government; they just sound like the name of the ship.
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Encinitas, CA surfer crossing
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In Superior, Wisconsin there are lots of signs at grade crossings that say “ATTENTION remote control locomotives operate in this area.” Amazingly, there aren’t piles of crushed cars nearby. Maybe they keep them cleaned up.
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Berkeley, California, has signs at the city limits saying it’s a nuclear-free zone. My understanding is that it isn’t, but I’m sure there are people here who know more about it than I do.
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Frost Heaves, which are bumps in the road caused by underground water that freezes and expands. The signs are everywhere in New Hampshire and I always thought that all cold-weather places had them, but it turns out it's mostly just New Hampshire.
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In Western Pennsylvania Amish areas, I've seen this sign.
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The moose crossing signs in New Hampshire used to have numbers that were changed after every collision (so it would tell you how many collisions in a year) but they started happening so frequently they just changed it to "hundreds of collisions."
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A few times when driving around Quebec I saw white-on-blue standard highway signs with an icon for nudist ("naturiste") camps or communities. The icon reads as a family--three people of different sizes holding hands on a lakeside, maybe? on shag carpet?--and you can tell they're nude because they have little butts. It was lovely & surprising to me--I've never seen it anywhere else.
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I pass a "ball and hockey playing prohibited" sign everyday on my way to work. It's about as Canadian as you can get
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Britain has a sign to indicate a new traffic pattern: Changed Priorities Ahead. Which always made this American giggle.

...two countries separated by a common language, etc...
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I saw this one in India a couple of weeks ago.
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On the Brooklyn Bridge — NO LOCKS YES LOX. With image of lox on a bagel. Possibly my favorite street sign of all time.
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I don't know how un/common they are elsewhere, but I'm terribly fond of Madison's "DEAD END (except bikes)" routes.
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Formerly: Grave in the middle of the road near Franklin, IN, just south of Indianapolis. But what was once an overgrown mound has been replaced with a simple concrete slab (though still a grave), and it seems that the unique signs have been replaced with ordinary "divided highway" signs.
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I've always been amused by the various ways states that have winter sign bridges. "Watch for Ice on Bridge" says Ohio; when I was a kid I assumed they hired people to take them down after winter because why would they have signs telling people to watch out for ice in July? "Bridge May Be Icy" says Michigan, which is only a little better. "Bridge Freezes Before Road" touts Washington, and this is the right way to do it: this is a pure fact that remains true even when the temperature is ninety degrees. It does not truck in probability. Some states have "Bridge May Ice In Cold Weather" which, for me, requires more thought than drivers should be asked to expend at freeway speeds: is the weather cold enough? What other factors should I be considering?
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This one always makes me think "yeah, especially if you run them over…"
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I really wish I could find the photo my friend I took at the side of the road in Texas under a "Loose Livestock" sign and the one of the turkey standing right by the "Turkey Crossing" sign (also seen in Texas).
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There are a few of these signs around Tukwila, WA, or there used to be.
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Scottish direction signs for Dull, Lost and Twatt.The UK also has the "Slow children playing" and "Heavy Plant crossing" signs, which still make me smile.
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Nocturnal (albeit elusive) little blue penguins ...
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seasonal signage:
Ice Bridge crossing ( maximum weight something something)
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There was a crosswalk at a busy intersection on campus at Illinois State University ~1972 that sounded a bell to signal pedestrian right-of-way, or as the sign said, "Scramble on bell signal only".
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We have one near us on a level crossing across the state highway saying trains are exempt. It's an obscure and hard to understand sign for tourist bus drivers!

We also have slightly weird tsunami warning signs showing a figure frantically climbing a cliff.
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A beach sign, not a road sign, Warning: The jellyfish hate you.
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I recall driving along in South Africa near Cape Town and within a 10 mile stretch of road I was warned of penguins, baboons and golfers crossing the road.
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I need to take a photo of a sign near us (central Bulgaria). It's simply a silhouette of an animal in a red triangle, which does not look like any animal I've ever seen. My only guess is that it's supposed to resemble a water buffalo (still raised in the region, and they can be aggressive) but it looks like whoever drew it had never seen one. Maybe someone just described what it looked like and the artist did their best.
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A small village just outside Cambridge has toad crossing signs along with a seasonal toad patrol. (Article from 2007, but the signs are still there and the toad patrol is still going strong).
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Hedgehog Alert road signs in the UK. (There have been lots of local Hedgehog Crossing/Hedgehog Alert signs placed by helpful communities for years now, but these are apparently the first official nationwide ones.)
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I like the simplicity and the vagueness of '!' (For other hazard,
other danger) Signs instead of caution which were all over Greece.
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This may be more general than you're looking for, but I was recently talking about this with a friend...

In Washington State, these silhouettes of George Washington's head are everywhere.

Similarly, you know you're in Pennsylvania when you start seeing this odd double-trapezoid shape for state highways.

While searching for these images, I chanced across this article from (the always excellent) 99% Invisible, which shows similar state highway symbols from across the US.
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I've always been fond of the in Australia drive on left sign, which I first encountered a good way along the Great Ocean Road - the irony being that if you had gotten that far you might have already noticed...

There is also the endlessly amusing speed hump ahead sign.
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Signs instead of caution which were all over Greece.
Greek road signs have some unique qualities in that foreigners will be able to de cypher them a whole lot quicker if they are nerds. Try"ΕΞΟΔΟΣ" for example.
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I like how some traffic lights in NYC have a sign that says “Wait for green light” on them
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When I was in Greece, many years ago, I loved the "ΕΞΟΔΟΣ" signs. The back of my brain would always respond "...Movement of Jah people".

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Just inside the Texas-Louisiana border on I-10, there's a sign on the westbound side that I've always been a little charmed by.

It's a normal milage sign, letting you know what towns are ahead, and how far they are, but with a twist because it includes the closest place on I-10, and then farthest, which can only be a "Texas is BIG, yo" flex because, otherwise, why?

It says:

Beaumont 23
El Paso 857
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In North Wales, there are highway signs that say: "Badgers!"
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Best answer: Fun thread!

Here's one in Bethesda, MD: No idling, young lungs at work

No fouling (despite the sign's indication, this is actually in Washington, DC)

Not exactly a road sign, but: the marker for the embassy of Brazil in Washington, DC is pretty cool

Planetary Radio Emissions Discovery Site in Poolesville, MD

Further afield:

Seen in Tiya, Ethiopia: a somewhat inscrutable sign

Hawiyyat Najm (Arabic: هوية نجم ), known as Bimmah Sinkhole in English, in Oman -- one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited

animal crossing in St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland

In St. George's, Bermuda: Convict Bay Lane and Beautiful Dead End (it was!)
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In Colorado on interstate 70, the 420 mile marker kept being stolen so the Department of Transportation eventually replaced it with a 419.9 mile marker. I think that one gets stolen sometimes as well but not as often.
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I've always been partial to this confused sign hanging on McGrath Highway in Cambridge, MA.
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Scramble on bell signal only
"Scramble" refers to the type of intersection where pedestrians can cross in any direction (including diagonally) at the same time, which is called a pedestrian scramble. It's also called a Barnes Dance, after a traffic engineer who was a big supporter of it.
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At my last job, the speed limit on the service roads around campus was 7 mph. There were official speed limit signs all over the place, which was the only time I have ever seen a speed limit sign not ending in 5 or 0.
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I saw this no chickens sign in Mexico City and then I saw a woman with a chicken on her shoulder while she made a phone call.
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Berkeley, California, has signs at the city limits saying it’s a nuclear-free zone.

Oak Park, IL (suburb immediately west of Chicago) used to "nuclear-free zone" signs. I don't remember when they were removed.
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I just remembered my favorite sign that was along Portland's Sellwood Bridge before it was renovated: "MEN BELOW DON'T THROW". Alas I cannot find an image, so it will just live in my mind.
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How about red squirrel crossings, otter crossings or tank crossings?
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Here's a link to the Berkeley nuclear-free zone signs.
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When the Dan Ryan was closed in Chicago, there were signs saying "TAKE LSD".
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In New Jersey, there are areas where you'll get several municipalities with similar names clustered together. My favorite group is Orange, West Orange, South Orange, and East Orange, because to save space, the highway signs just read "The Oranges".
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When I was in northeast Iowa awhile back, I saw an Amish buggy and horse sign.
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There's a "ZAMBONI CROSSING" sign near the waterfront in Wiarton, Ontario.
The dump in St John, US Virgin Islands, has a Caution: Watch Out for Falling Goats sign.
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A road near our house has a sign that says HILL MAY OBSTRUCT VIEW. It's pretty flat around here, to be fair, but my partner and I are nonetheless amused that locals have to be told that we can't see the other side of a hill.
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Driving south of Canmore Alberta, on the mountainous gravel Spray-Dorrien road: “EXPECT ADVERSE CONDITIONS “, which I really love for some reason. Maybe it’s the phrasing, maybe it’s that I take it as a metaphor for life?
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Snowmobile crossing signs are super common in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where I'm from.
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Carnegie center office park in Princeton, NJ has one of the no geese signs for the waterfowl who learned to read.
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"SLEEPING POLICEMAN AHEAD" in Jamaica (translation: speed bump).
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It's gone now, but I-5 in Washington used to have a sign that said


I always wanted to graffiti in a checkbox so people could vote.
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I'm a fan of this sign. It warns me every time I cross into Nova Scotia just in case I have bees in my car that I didn't get a permit for. It just seems so specific - how many people smuggle honey bees that you need a bunch of these signs?
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Maharashtra, India has the greatest rhymed public safety road signage, in both Marathi and English, including gems like


I wish I could remember more.
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My son is studying for his temporary license and he told me the hardest part on the practice test was the road signs. He said the hardest one of those was the one with the deer at the bottom of a cliff with all the falling rocks.

I have never seen this sign but if he is to be believed, we apparently have a sign for deer slides.
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Road signs I've tried (unsuccessfully) to photograph on holiday, from the passenger seat of a moving car: the Quebec angry wind monster and the California "Speed enforced by aircraft" sign.

Road signs from home (the UK) that I've not seen elsewhere: the Heavy Plant Crossing one already mentioned (I used to imagine a large triffid-like ambulatory plant), plus Slow Mud On Road (which as a child I assumed was a slowly-moving ooze gradually covering the road) and Cats Eyes Removed (a standard construction sign warning you that the reflective cats' eyes have been removed temporarily from the road surface).

We have the exclamation mark too, though I'd expect it to have a little rectangular sign beneath it on the pole to tell you what sort of hazard to watch out for.
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I realize this is a little late but there is a sign on Eglin Air Force Base that says “aircraft pedestrian crossing” (or maybe xing). Traffic has to be stopped and aircraft have to cross the road to get from the flight line to McKinley Climatic Lab, which is the largest climatic chamber in he world. I’m pretty sure pedestrians are only allowed to cross there when they are escorting an aircraft.
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