Fixed a freeway sign.
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Read a story in the LA times a decade ago, can't remember the details: a man fixed a misleading freeway sign by himself.

It was a Los Angeles-area freeway-- maybe the 5 or the 405? There was a sign that gave motorists the wrong instructions for getting onto another freeway, or something like that. This man painstakingly researched the style of signs, found really obscure materials, and drove a van to the sign and climbed up to fix it. Google is failing me-- anyone remember the details or have a link to the article?
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No but two men were arrested this past summer for correcting signs with grammatical errors in National Parks and then bragging about it on their blog...
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Best answer: I think you are looking for Richard Ankrom's work. Here is his web site with tons of documentation and photographs.
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Response by poster: Perfect, thank you!
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just for kicks, here's a link to the ground below the sign.
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And the Metafilter discussion!
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