St. Martin Road Signs
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While in St. Martin years ago, there were roadsigns that featured an exclmation point inside of a diamond shaped sign (?) or triangle (?). I often saw it on backroads and areas where there seemed to be no reason for concern. What does this sign mean, what is it called and where can I find images of it?
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Response by poster: I suppose thats it Juicy, so I thank you.
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High voltage! When we touch! Whe-

sorry :(
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Response by poster: ?
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Since your question was answered so quickly, all I could add was a little funny. Your funny mileage may vary.
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Didn't work for me; wanted me to download something that seemed kinda fishy.
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These safety folks came to our elementary school and sung a song that's stayed with me to do this day:

"When it says Danger /
High Voltage /
You must learn to stay awayyyyy..."

Google has pulled up no results.
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Doohickie: I clicked on a link a few days ago (the Nick Cave song lyrics) and got hit with a massive spyware/virus assault. I'm not sure, but it may well have been the same site. I've since upgraded my defenses. This time, I merely got a warning.
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Since basicchannel added a little funny, and I'm at work waiting for a server to become available, I'll add a little of my own. To paraphrase comedian Brian Regan:

Have you ever seen a sign that says "Blasting Zone"? Shouldn't that really read "Road Closed"?

(thank you, I'm here all week)
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