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Mail Order Cheesecake? My girlfriend really likes pumpkin cognac cheesecake. Unfortunately, the store that sells it here is going out of business. I'm a horrible baker and I can't find much on Google. Is there a baker (preferably online) that would mail delicious cheesecake to Tulsa, OK?
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Juniors - it is incredible - caveat: I have only eaten at their nyc locations - I do not know how good the cheescake is after they send it to you.
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aggghhh - here is the link.
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Best answer: No idea how good it is, but Bon Appetit apparently speaks well of
Ottomanelli's Cognac Pumpkin Cheesecake, and you can order it online.
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Eileen's in New York is amazing, and they ship worldwide.
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I second Eileen's, although I do not see cognac pumpkin on their site. She may be able to make it, though. I have had her cheesecakes mailed all over, and they are still great.
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second juniors. though expensive.

and though its not mail order nor pumpkin, Trader Joes sells a really good yet inexpensive frozen cheesecake.
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I'll throw down for Eli's Cheesecake. It gets no better. We mail-order the tiramisu and the Holiday Sampler for Christmas ever since I left Chi-town. She should be quite happy with the pumpkin mousse cheesecake.
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Response by poster: I am continually amazed. I thank every one of you, you cheesecake connoisseurs!
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Naples Cheesecake was the client of a former employer, and they used to send us (outstanding) samples on a regular basis. They too ship across country and list Pumpkin but, alas, not Pumpkin Cognac.
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Still no Pumpkin Cognac (I've never even heard of such a thing, although I am intrigued), but The Cheesecake Factory also ships.
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this place is right next door to my office. owned by a swell guy, and the key lime blew my wife's birthday mind 2 nights ago. of course, i can't vouch for the shipping but i imagine they have that all worked out.
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Another vote for Junior's. Everyone likes it, including me. They have a counter at Grand Central, so whenever I'm traveling to visit someone via GCT, I'll pick up a cheesecake for them.
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Response by poster: If any of you do get a chance to try pumpkin cheesecake of the cognac variety, I strongly encourage you to do so. It's like mana from heaven! And, if you do partake, you should e-mail and let me know what you thought.

I thank you all for the help!
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