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Where can I view a specific tourist road sign design I saw in France?

I just returned from a (fantastic!) trip to France. While driving there I noticed that the French had taken the traditional brown signs for tourist attractions and added beautiful sketches of the actual attractions: castles, sculptures, wine caves, etc. After a few rounds of googling, this is the only example I could find of what I'm describing.

Is there a database or list of these designs somewhere? I am looking for one design in particular that I saw.

(What I am trying to find, to put it in comically simple terms, is a stylized drawing of a bird in a tree dropping a ball to a fox. I can't remember what attraction this represented, but I need to find that image.)
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I can't remember what attraction this represented

Jean de La Fontaine's The Crow and The Fox, perhaps? If so, it's a cheese, not a ball.

(Musée Jean de La Fontaine is about an hour's drive from Paris)
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Google "panneaux d'animation touristique"
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vacapinta: That's definitely the style of sign.

effbot: And that's definitely the subject matter and right location. So the sign must have been a tourist attraction sign for Château-Thierry (where the Musée Jean de La Fontaine is located). I probably saw it on the A4 autoroute.

Extremely helpful. Now I just have to find it!
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Et voilà! Un grand merci!
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