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Is it possible to remove dog urine smell from hardwood floor?

Asking for a friend: tenants in his NYC apartment had a dog who obviously wasn't walked outside as often as it should have been. One of the rooms now smells of dog urine, although it's not super strong. We suspect the dog had a few "accidents" on the hardwood floor.

Removing the floorboards is not an option (as this is an ancient NYC apartment with uncooperative landlord). Would soaking the area with Nature's Miracle work? Sanding and re-painting the floor? Or are we doomed to live with a dog-pee room forever?
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I'd try the Nature's Miracle first; you can use a black light to find spots. It may take several passes with NM. If that fails, Killz is a product I've heard suggested for serious urine odor.
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Try Nature's Miracle first, and let it soak in and sit for good long while. That may be all you need.

If N.M. doesn't do it once, reapply. Add heavy duty fans to dry out the wood. A dehumidifier too, perhaps. You need to get that wood as dry as you can.

If it has soaked through to the subfloor, the funk may not ever go away unless it can air out and dry completely. Any chance you have access to the underside of the floor from the ceiling below? (Cooperative downstairs neighbors may let you in there with a fan?) If so, remove any ceiling material and let it air out.

Sanding may not be necessary. If it's a painted floor, you might be able to paint over the stink with Kilz, and then paint it nicely.

I destinkified a bedroom this last summer following these methods, but we were able to completely remove the flooring (carpeting in our case). Soaked the subfloor with N.M., let it dry, and reapplied until we saw no more pee stains or smelled anything funky. This took about two weeks. Once the floor was COMPLETELY dry (another week or so, with several fans blowing on it), we painted it with a version of Kilz made for covering up smells.
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We deodorized a wood floor soaked with what we think was human urine (!!) using Nature's Miracle - buy the biggest container you can find and literally SOAK the floor... the entire room just to be sure you don't miss any spots. N.M. stinks itself until the enzymes have done their work so don't freak out if it smells worse at first. Then soak it again. Let it dry 3 days longer than you think it needs to.

I will say that we were sanding and refinishing the floors anyway, but I'm not even sure it was necessary - I think you could use N.M. on any floor even if you aren't going to refinish it.
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Nature's Miracle makes a high-octane version of their cleaner. I can personally vouch for its efficacy.

Be dancing with joy that it's not cat pee! Dog pee has never affected property values.
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Try using Fresh Wave, its a miracle at getting rid of odors of all kind.
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If the floor is paintable, seal it with Kilz sealant first then paint.
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