Tag-Along Camping Gift!
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Hi! I am sort of tagging along on a two day camping trip with two other people, and want to bring a gift or nice thing of some kind to show appreciation for the invite. As an infrequent-camping city-kid I don't know what would be fun or reasonable.

It'll be an intimate setting, nothing too too rugged. In the tri-state - it will be cold. I am not much of a culinary master, so homemade foodstuffs are not ideal. Since I am not contributing much, willing to spend a reasonable amt if its worth it. Bonus points if it can easily packed and be a surprise.
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Best answer: Maybe a nice bottle of wine, and a big chunk of good cheese that'd be ok unrefrigerated for a day or so? A cheese shop wedge of aged gouda or cheddar (the kind with little crystals in it) is good for this. And some fancy crackers.

If they're not wine fans, maybe a small bottle of nice whiskey?

Nice chocolates?

Campfire colour powder?
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Came to say something to drink by the campfire such as a good whiskey or bourbon.

I think it is easier to bring something that will be appreciated if you are car camping rather than hiking to your camp site.
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Best answer: Solar LED fairy lights! When it comes to camping, I find anything that helps make it feel cosy is always welcome. These are always super fun to dress up and add to the ambiance of your site. Bonus: Since this is a 2-pack, each of your friends can take one home!

If you have extra money to burn, a large straw area mat is pretty awesome to keep down dust and gather around.

Just realized, if you're car camping, the above would work, but if you're hiking in, maybe some high-quality jerky?
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Whiskey or Bourbon for sure. Nothing too fancy. Like, Crown or Wild Turkey or slightly fancier, but not an aged scotch. Maybe something like Gentleman Jack. Or, Grand Marnier or something like that to go in the hot chocolate.
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Knob Creek goes particularly well with a campfire imho.
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Best answer: Is there a bakery in your town/area that is renowned for its brownies or similar? Bring a box. And unless your fellow campers are non-drinkers, a bottle of booze for sipping around the campfire is never wrong.
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I'm with pseudostrabismus. Nothing makes me happier on a camping trip than a couple of fancy hard cheeses, some dry-cure salami, a good baguette, and a couple of tasty apples or maybe pears.
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Really good chocolate is always welcome.
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I clicked through to say whiskey. Bring some in a flask or the bottle you bought it in, and some hot chocolate or cider packets.
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Rumple Minze is a good addition to hot chocolate, and at 100 proof, packs a back-packing wallop!
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Best answer: Yes, fancy booze and some fancy eats and/or chocolate. There are coffee options, too, if your hosts don't have that down to a science: perhaps good instant coffee, or a hand grinder and an Aeropress, or a different coffee system.

Bring a deck of cards or another easily movable game. Bring a really good story to share (fictional or not). Singing around the fire can be great. If you play, bring your guitar or harmonica or another instrument and assuming you're not hiking very far. Or a bluetooth speaker and some prized tunes.
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Best answer: I would bring some great salami or other charcuterie, some very nice cheese, mustards, great bread, wine, beer, brandy. Campfire + tasty foods + brandy = awesome.

For you, bring a solar charger for your phone, headlamp & batteries, extra socks, hat, mittens, and a camp chair.
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