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Explanation will likely get confusing. But hoping someone can make me look like an idiot.

So I have a wall-mounted Toshiba TV. With external cable box, and external Samsung Blu-Ray/home theatre speakers.

Cable box and Samsung are each HDMI inputs into TV. Audio out is optical, TV - Samsung.

A few weeks ago I needed to do some rejigging. A tragedy happened and Samsung took a tumble. Such that I needed to do some re-cabling. I'm damn sure I got it all right but now when I scroll TV input to HDMI2 (Samsung) it shows "HDMI-CEC" which it hadn't before. And TV says no video signal.

I have tried different HDMI ports, I have tried different cables. I realize that correlation does not imply causation but there has to be something here.

The frustrating part is I can't get into Samsung's settings because there is no video signal. Yes, I have done the unplug everything for a minute thing.

Fully aware that remote tech support is next to impossible but thought I'd take a shot for someone to make me look stupid..
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Does "samsung" here refer to a cable box, a blu-ray player, or some speakers?
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Note: what follows is base speculation based upon scant information.

HDMI-CEC is "HDMI-Consumer Electronics Control" - basically a way for your TV to control things connected to it, like stereo systems and Blu-ray players. There are also other benefits, like having the peripherals that are plugged in tell the tv what their names should be on your TV inputs. Ah, the beauty of a bi-directional serial connection.

Since you haven't posted specific model numbers of your TV and other stuff, it'll be harder to guess setup and menu options, but I'm imagining that you need to make sure that your Toshiba TV is properly enabled for HDMI-CEC control ( perhaps under Menu > Settings? ).

If your TV is properly set up for this , and your Blu-ray can support it, perhaps you need to hit a power button on your tv remote.

If your TV is properly set up for this, but the Blu-ray isn't capable of understanding HDMI-CEC, then you'll need to disable it on the TV.

If you have another TV to plug the Blu-ray into and eliminate the Toshiba TV from the mix, that might help.
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You've got a lot of variables going on at once here. Can you isolate variables, one at a time? How about checking these items, in order:

- Can you verify that some video source will play as expected on your TV? Does it work on all HDMI ports, or only some? (do you have another known-good HDMI device)?

- Can you verify that your Blu-Ray player will send video somewhere, via HDMI? If not via HDMI, how about any of its other outputs?

- Is your cable box working fine? If so, try plugging your Blu-Ray player into the HDMI port that currently works with your cable box.

If you have (or can borrow) some spare equipment, it will really help identify the root cause.
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I agree with reeddavid, systematic troubleshooting is the way to go. A tumble that required recabling implies that the cable was pulled out of the device by force, possibly at an angle, which could have damaged the cable and/or the port(s) on your TV/device. Taking your device(s) and cables to a known good TV, and bringing a known good device and cable to your TV will let you start to eliminate factors. Once you find a working system, swap one thing at a time, keeping track of your swaps, and you'll have a much better idea where the trouble lies.
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I agree with the above, and am highly suspicious that your TV, or at least that one HDMI port, is damaged. I'd start by trying other HDMI ports and seeing if your input sources will work in a different port(s).

Assuming you have any modern computer monitor laying around, remember that those have HDMI inputs (almost any monitor made in the past 5+ years) and will work dandy for testing the video output and/or making any config changes to your peripherials, such as the Samsung.
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I had a similar issue with the HDMI-CEC message and it turns out the HDMI cable needed to be replaced as the male part of the port was damaged during an impact. So check the cable in addition to the ports.
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Thanks to all, and apologies for the scant and convoluted starting points.

If anyone is still interested I did go back to first principles as much as possible and am now suspicious of demonic possession.

Quick conclusion - HDMI 2 input on TV turned evil as a result of cable yank.

To update/clarify:

1. Yes, cable box always worked fine, input into HDMI 1 of TV
2. Blu-Ray worked ok on second TV upstairs thru HDMI
3. Re-plugging Blu-Ray into HDMI 2, TV then decided HDMI 1 was HDMI-CEC
4. Much more random trial and error and full shutdowns, my machines seem to be a happy family again. Cable Box in HDMI 1 and Blu Ray in 3. It still says -CEC on menu but is working. Go figure.

Going to attempt full reconnect/test now, hopefully no further updates! Thanks for the solid advice.
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