Camping in the Carolinas
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I want to go camping somewhere on the coast of North or South Carolina over New Year's.

I'd really like it to be right on the beach and relatively devoid of people (though that shouldn't be a problem in the dead of winter), if that's possible. I've been to Hammock's state park/Bear Island in NC, but there's numerous problems with that... it's a pain in the ass to get to because the ferry only runs in the summer, they winterize the water facilities, campfires are prohibited (I'd really like a place that allows them), etc. The warmer it's likely to be the better, but I don't expect anywhere along the coast will be particularly balmy.
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I suggest Hunting Island state park near Beaufort, SC. It's cold, but you'll be right on the beach, and a drive into town isn't too bad.
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Strongly second Hunting Island; here's a old post with a link for more info. Of course, it won't be summery, but it's as far south as you can get in the Carolinas, so you just might have some beautiful mild weather.
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Edisto Island, SC has a nice state park. Myrtle Beach has some options as well, but I think that area's gaudy commercialism runs year round.
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