Will campfires be allowed in Crater Lake National Park this week?
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We're camping at Crater Lake National Park's Mazama Campground this week. Most of the state of Oregon is on fire right now. How do I find out if campfires within fire rings will be allowed?

This is going to impact what food I pack. Thank you.
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The best way will be to contact the ranger office.
Crater Lake National Park
P.O. Box 7
Crater Lake, Oregon 97604

Phone: (541) 594-3000
Fax: (541) 594-3010

Many NPS/FS/BLM campgrounds will have a camp host on site. You can ask them as well, although they may not have the most up to date information.

Generally, a propane fire is allowed - so you can get away with a Campfire in a Can or some such, if you can get one before your trip.
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Your best bet is to call. There are alerts about fire conditions and how those are affecting trail and road openings/closures, but nothing on the campsite subsite about fire rings, so I'm guessing campfires are allowed? But call.
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What else is a hibachi with charcoal. Under the picnic table it keeps away mosquitos and they are good little bbqs.
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If I were you I'd keep checking with Klamath County as well as the ranger office. I would be very surprised if you were allowed to have an outdoor fire, given that the park is closing trails and entrances due to the fires.
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TV news said no campfires anywhere in Oregon.
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Hi, lived and worked at Crater Lake one summer.

I strongly doubt campfires will be allowed. The campsites are quite wild (as most are in Oregon), vegetation is right there in the sites. Lots of pine needles too, which are nature's little firesticks.

Feel free to call and ask in any case, and if you're thinking of going the propane route, be sure to check that propane cooking will be okay. Usually it is, but it can depend on what and how you plan to use your setup.

You're not going to want to use anything like charcoal. Coals can stay hot for a long time and give off sparks. Sparks + dry pine needles = no. No. No.
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I just talked to the rangers office and they said campfires in the campground are fine. Thanks everybody!
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