Looking for a women's fall jacket (maybe military style)
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I'm looking for a lightweight-ish jacket to wear when it's not quite cold enough for a full-on coat but I still need an jacket. (Really trying to stop just wearing multiple layers of extremely schlubby hoodies in such situations.) I think I'd like one of those greenish vaguely-military style jackets that seemed to be everywhere last year/a couple of years ago, but I'm having trouble finding one I like. Can you help, fashion-savvy MeFites?

I've been searching for "green military jacket." Is there another search term I should be using? Is there another kind of jacket that is similar to this style that I should also be looking for? What stores are good options for this kind of thing? Actually, if you're willing to outright just link to good jackets that would be amazing. I am terrible at shopping!

I would like it to be:
- Well-made
- Fashionable looking
- On the longer side. I have a long torso and long arms, so something that is not boxy/short and is accommodating of long arms would be great
- Not skimpy or flimsy
- Slightly water-resistant would be a nice bonus but not necessary
- I don't really care about the color (although I don't want black); greenish just seems to be the color this type of jacket mainly comes in
- I don't really care about price, although a super-expensive jacket will have to also be super-awesome for me to consider it.

AND/OR if you know of some awesome fall jacket that isn't in the "military jacket" category but is great and you love it, please link away! I am a dum-dum about this stuff, seriously, and very happy to have all your suggestions.
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Best answer: There was a green version of this one earlier this fall. I tried out the blue one, which is well made, but ended up returning it because of the gold hardware on it (not my style).

For spendier in that style, there are the Barbour jackets.

The term I was looking for was "waxed cotton" or "waxed canvas". See also this previous which has similar options.
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You want a "utility jacket" or a "field jacket"; googling those will give you more results than you can shake a stick at. Mine's from LL Bean; I got an unlined version and like it, but if I had to do it over again I'd get a lined one.
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(also, "aka burlap", Eponysterical!)
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Boden usually has at least one of these styles.
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Best answer: Aritzia has this in a couple of colors though limited sizes, and it's on sale at the moment.
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Best answer: I think you are looking for a 'fishtail parka' or 'M-59" jacket. Those were pretty big a year or two ago, and I still see a lot of people wearing them.
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Madewell has one this year called the Fleet Jacket. I have it in olive, and I like it. Plus, some colors are on sale right now.
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Eddie Bauer has their Adventurer Ripstop Scouting Jacket on clearance right now.
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Best answer: I came across one at the J. Crew Factory outlet resin coated twill jacket and right now there's an additional 40% off clearance.

And there's this one on Amazon: women's military anorak safari jacket.

Good luck!
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This one from Rag & Bone is on sale.
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At the Gap.

At H&M (the faux fur on the hood is removable).

At Banana Republic.
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I just bought one like this last week at White House Black Market! It was on a good sale, too...$50.
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Varusteleka is a Finnish military surplus company that also does their own brand stuff. They've just brought out a rather nice woman's windproof parka. I have the original, more military version and it's great. Doesn't come in green though.
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Response by poster: These are all great answers. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
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Response by poster: Coming back to update: I ended up finding and going with this "Diplomat fishtail parka" from Alpha Industries, thanks to the "fishtail parka" search term. Also found tons of other good options thanks to your good links & terminology. Thanks Metafilter!
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