I am seeking the Holy Grail... of coats!
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I am a mid-20's female in search of the perfect coat/jacket for chilly spring and fall wear. Do you have one that you love? Requirements inside...

I am tall and thin (small/4). I'd like something that

1. can be dressed up or down - no ski jackets
2. is somewhat fitted
3. is long - fingertip length is perfect
4. is packable - or at least not too bulky - I don't see too many chilly days here (southern U.S.), but will use this when I travel
5. is water-resistant
6. is wind-resistant
7. has removable insulation (or moderate insulation)
8. has removable or storable hood - or not

To clarify the weather requirements, it will ideally protect me from possibly wet and windy weather ranging from 30s-60s F (0-15ish deg C) whilst I am out strolling in urban environments for a few hours.

None of these are hard-and-fast requirements, especially 5-8 which can be accomplished with layering and/or umbrellas... but this is the HOLY GRAIL of coats so give it your best shot, okay?

I am envisioning something like this packable quilted coat in black (with leopard print lining!) or this if it didn't have an apparent molting problem.

I'd like to keep it under $200ish, but if you have a Burberry or something you love, tell me about it. Thanks!
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I'm on my second Boden Rainy Day Mac and would like to buy a third. It meets your requirements except it is not fitted and isn't particularly packable.
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I was just coming here to say "Boden" but I got beaten to it. Everything from there I've ever seen has looked fantastic and sharp, better on the person than in the pictures.
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I got something from the Gap Outlet about 8 years ago that is my Holy Grail spring/fall jacket, it looks something like this trench but is not a trench, just a single row of buttons, but that length. I can put a hoodie under it for extra warmth and it looks great with jeans or dressier clothes. That trench might fit the bill!
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Best answer: I have this coat from Uniqlo. It's really light down, it packs up incredibly well, and it's really fitted and slim. Mine has a removable hood, but I bought it two years ago, and I can't tell if their current line still does, or if it's attached. I find it warm for spring/fall and use it as my primary winter coat, but it seems on par with the ones you linked to. And the price is right.
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I have the REI La Selva raincoat. I get lots of compliments on it (it's cuter in person) and it hits a bunch of your buttons. It's not insulated but it keeps the wind out. I wear a down vest or wool sweater underneath in the winter. It's fine for cool spring days by itself.
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Best answer: I have an Eddie Bauer Girl on the Go insulated trench and I LOVE it. You might want to take a look at the uninsulated one, too.

It's cute, and blocks the wind and rain like a champ. The insulated one has kept me warm down into the high 20's, but it may be bulkier than you wish.
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You might like the women's coats by Nau.
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Response by poster: Lots of great suggestions! Sorry it took so long to pick a fav. I'll def be looking into some of these when fall clothes are back out and it is possible to buy coats again. Thanks!
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