That Navy Pea Coat site and Where to Buy the BEST!
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I am wanting to find an official Navy pea coat. I had recently seen a site that had the history of the pea coat with different time periods and button count. Unfortunately, I cannot find it. If anyone can recommend a place that I could order one of high quality online and/or miraculously knows the site (with the photos from past to present) I am talking about, let me know. I know there are plenty of Army/Navy websites but I don't know which are the better ones to purchase such a coat.
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Best answer: Was it this link?
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Best answer: This forum thread has tons of information and pictures on the different types of peacoats over the years.

Sterlingwear of Boston has the current navy contract and also sells several different peacoats to civilians, some closer to the official version than others. I have one and they are nice and well-made and I think this is the best one you can buy new. However, the older peacoats (pre-1980s I think), if you can find one in good condition and in the right size, are of heavier and denser and generally higher-quality wool — I don't like the midnight-blue color so I didn't go this route, but I understand they are still pretty widely available.

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Response by poster: It was, cazoo! and thanks for that link, enn.
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I would suggest looking in an Army/Navy surplus stores in your area. That's where I got mine. Be warned, however, that some of those fake peacoats are showing up in these kinds of stores too.
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Sterlingwear's heavier version (the 32oz 'Classic') is meant to be based on the old issue specs, but the shell is Melton wool, not Kersey. I have an ex-issue one (six-button) made by Sterlingwear to the current specs, and I got it from eBay about six years ago.
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I could buy you a brand new one from the Navy uniform shop, if it doesn't have to be vintage.

I prefer the bridge coats myself.
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Best answer: I see that you found your link but I always go through U.S. Cavalry for any military type equipment or clothing. They have pea coats.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the excellent answers. I now have several options to choose from, all of them really great. Appreciate it!
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