Nothing Compares to U... and your coat
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Where can I find a coat just like the one Sinead O'Conner wore in the Nothing Compares to U video? Extra Hard Level: Plus size 14/16.

My best friend of 30+ years recently rather drunkenly confessed to me that she always wanted the coat that Sinead O'Conner wore in the Nothing Compares to U video. She's truly been the most amazing best friend anyone could ever dream of having and I'd be thrilled to secretly find her the damn coat for Christmas. She deserves it and it'll make her year.

I am, shall we say.. fashion handicapped? From what I can tell it's fitted, double breasted at the top and a kind of skirted bottom that's longer in the back and scoops up the sides. But yeah, I don't know the terminology. My google fu is useless and I don't shop for clothing online. Any pointers about where to buy or have it custom made would be so helpful. Assume price is not an issue.

She currently wears a plus size 14 to 16 (I peeked in her coat closet) but she also has some 12's & 14's in there.

The coat can be seen here, here and from what I can tell the best view is this one.
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Best answer: Wow, you are an amazing friend! I have always loved Sinead's coat in that video, and your question immediately brings to mind an Etsy shop I favorited forever ago. The Victorian Redingote seems to hit the right tone, but the maker - Vigilante Labs - does custom work that would likely get you exactly what you want!
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The search terms "Victorian" and "Steampunk" coat seem to bring up things in the ballpark.
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Best answer: I had a coat not unlike it in the 90s and it was modeled on a WWI style. Super warm and that skirt was an attention-grabber!

Searching for 'military maxi coat' or 'ankle length coat' gives you some potential candidates, but I think it'll be hard to find one that's as masculine while also being long and full-skirted.

I found these two:

To sew

To custom order
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Best answer: I remember that coat!!
If you don't find a precise answer here, you could try submitting this question to the Fashion Scavenger Hunt at Jezebel.
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Best answer: Fit and flare black wool ankle length coat is a set of search terms that will probably get you closest to what you want.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for all the awesome leads!
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