I now pronounce you Iron Man and WiFE
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Six years ago I got married to teaspoon. Every year since I've asked your advice on anniversaries. That time has come again. Please join me in thinking about activities that could even remotely tangentially be related to Iron.

So we have a wedding anniversary coming up in about 2 months. (June 24/25)
It's year 6, Iron (by the system we're going with, but a case could be made for doing sugar). We have a history of doing an activity together related to the material (instead of a gift), which started on our paper anniversary where we gave a paper to an academic conference (which is why we're using the US system instead of the UK system, because Cotton and Paper are switched round) which was really weirdly on both our (not at all similar) specialties. The paper was terrible, the tradition was not.

I'm looking for slightly unusual takes on Iron, Iron themed adventures and so on.
Ideally this is going to be relatively cheap, therefore in or near London.
Here is an inspirational list. Terrible puns are acceptable and in fact encouraged.

Every year so far I've asked this question, here are links:
(1) Paper (Gave a paper together at a conference)
(2) Cotton (Bought Cotton hammocks and slung them in our new boat to sleep in on the trip home)
(3) Leather (Ate mind bogglingly pricy steaks {leather being the package that steaks come in})
(4)Linen And Silk. (Had a picnic in the park on a Linen blanket, and bought a nice silk pillowcase)
(5) Wood. (Tried to go to the Black Forest fro a walk in the woods, but ended up doing some renovating woodwork)
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What about pumping iron ie. lifting weights?
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Could you go find a blacksmithing class and make something for your abode?
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It would be ironic to celebrate your anniversary by, e.g., playing against each other in paintball or laser tag.
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Go watch a comedy in the theater, enjoy the irony.

(I'm sorry)
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Cooking class or just cook something together in a cast iron pan (good chance to get one if you don't have one :) )
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Donate blood?
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Iron and magnetism. Iron is made in neutron stars. Red/blue iron pigments reflect at different wavelengths, and retain their magnetic and light absorbing qualities.
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Eat at Jinjuu the London restaurant run by an Iron Chef!

Or find a cooking class with Le creuset pots and spinach as a main ingredient?
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There are a number of Iron Age hill forts within day trip distance of London. My first thought was Uffington Castle and the Uffington White Horse, but there are probably easier ones to get to.
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How about going for a ride on some big iron?
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Unfortunately, the Ironbridge Gorge Museum is a fair old trek from you (Telford way). However, in London, you could always take a trip to...

* Iron Maiden's Lamp Post, the actual lamp post featured on the cover of Iron Maiden's eponymous debut studio album. (Endymion Rd, Stroud Green, London N4 4LX)

* Various branches of the Flat Iron steak house.

* Iron exhibits in the metalwork collection at the V&A.

* An activity incorporating something with the initals FE (I'm afraid my inspiration has run out here!).
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Take a train journey (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_horse)?
Or, if you want to be really lame, buy a new iron and ironing board? A cast-iron skillet?
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London has beautiful cast iron fencing etc. Maybe some kind of historic district tour. Or a geocaching adventure in spots with great ironwork.
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Horseback riding? (Because their shoes are iron?)
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Mmm...sugar.... I wonder if there's a kind of candy you can make with an iron...that sounds like fun :)
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Perhaps you could pay the iron price for something.

For some strange reason, modern society frowns on using weapons to pillage towns, so you'll have to come up with a modern equivalent. For example, you could go a fairground and win some game of skill, allowing you to seize a stuffed animal as tribute from the vanquished carnie.

Or bet on a horse race, and collect your cash from the foolish punters who dared bet against you. (OK, technically, the bookie would do the actual collection, but you can view him as a soldier in the army that you're commanding.)
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Take a welding class?
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Iron is is the last element generated by stellar nucleosynthesis (technically the last element that releases energy when it is produced. Other elements are produced in small quantities). So you could try star-gazing or going to a museum that has meteorites and looking at Iron. From. Spaaaaaace.
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Maybe a trip on an Iron Horse, if one is running at the time? (That was the closest I could find to London that seemed like it might be available.)
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Weekend: a trip on a train -- dining car -- upper-level scenic views -- maybe visiting someplace related to ironworks?
Local: cast iron cooking -- an omelet for breakfast, baked mixed veggies for lunch, pan-fried or seared fish for dinner. Spend the day with a long, leisurely tour of a farmer's market (iron-rich greens), and maybe a picnic, or if it rains explore some mom-and-pop shops in a local community (there has to be iron knickknacks and kitchenware somewhere).
Surprise gift in a box / within a box / within a box: multivitamins. And a sweet note.
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Get a really great waffle iron and try out some waffleizing.

Pie irons over a fire are another option.
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Maybe something related to the Iron Age (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Iron_Age)? I recall that York has a few Viking-related activities, even if some of them are a bit cheesy.
- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorvik_Viking_Centre
- https://www.yorkshiremuseum.org.uk
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Why don't you grab a cheap flight to Norn Iron and visit an Iron-Age site? The place is heaving with them, e.g. Navan Fort.
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A heart-shaped waffle maker? Blacksmithing courses in London/Kent (perhaps a bit pricey, but you can also apparently learn about seax blades, if you're inclined to such tawdry anniversary puns). A horseshoe set that you can play well into your golden days? A picnic in a lovely British garden (tenuous Iron Butterfly 'In the Garden of Eden' reference)? Or maybe something elementary: Fentiman's soda, trip to Tenerife, a music or theatre festival, etc...

Happy anniversary!
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