Leather Fun!
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Last year you helped me devise activities for my second wedding anniversary. Help me again this year.

For background, the last two years we have celebrated our wedding anniversary with an activity fitting the traditional material.

Year 1: Paper We gave a joint paper on both our areas of expertise to a conference in the Netherlands.

Year 2: Cotton We bought cotton hammocks which we slept in whilst we sailed (well.. engined) our newly bought houseboat up to its mooring.

So now we are on Year 3: Leather.

Difficulty level is slightly increased since we have a brand new tiny baby who will be a month and a half old on the anniversary itself. We could probably get neighbours to look after her for a day (they are very nice neighbours) but I suspect we won't want to quite so soon.

We are in London and the budget is modest, but non zero.
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1. Lovely new leather shoes for both of you? Shoes you wouldn't necessarily buy for practical everyday purchases, but which will stand the test of time for special occasions? Or fun leather sandals for both of you? Or suede slippers?

2. Leather handbag or travel bag - Saddleback Utility Duffel or Small Banff Bag at Roots come to mind, but there are gorgeous options in Europe too. Useful for many trips to come! Or you could get a Filson field bag (with leather straps) and she could get a nice leather handbag or wallet.

3. Leather Butterfly chair (scroll down) - enjoyable and stylish seating for years to come!

4. Leather Journals - to record family adventures, or trips or other big memories.

5. Leather gloves or leather belts or watches

6. Leather restraints!

7. Leather Backgammon Board or other leather game

8. Leather Binoculars (there are less expensive and vintage options available)

9. Leather Pouf or Ottoman

10. Vintage leather ball (soccer or rugby or another meaningful sport?) - beautiful for decoration!

11. Trip to a wildlife or farm animal sanctuary

12. Leather frame with a family photo

13. Something else for your new houseboat - leather tray for the coffee table, or boat model, or another meaningful or useful object.
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Response by poster: I should clarify that we are probably looking more for a thing to do rather than a thing to have (although that is an excellent list and some of those might change my mind on the matter).
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Dancing shoes?
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Ah, sorry about that!

Depending on your level of interest in some of those items, a day trip to a local shop which specializes in leather bags or shoes could be a good amount of activity with a 6 week old baby. Combined with a lunch or tea it would be a nice outing for a few hours, especially if the object hinted at future adventures to come where you'd be using the shared gift.
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Best answer: Q) What's the most common use of cowhide?

A) Holding cows together.

So maybe you could visit a farm with cows? Or, going a bit further afield, what about some kind of fancy skin treatment (for *your* skin, not for the cows). Or tan your own skins with a trip to the beach. Or going back to actual leather, maybe you could go horseback riding (lots of leather involved, saddles and boots and such).
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We did new wallets for the 3rd anni. As per above you can take baby out for a day of shopping and lunch.
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Hire a car with leather seats and go for a drive? Bonus, you could take bub. Or even hire classic bicycle with leather saddles.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
We ultimately went with mskyle's suggestion (in a way).

We went to a staggeringly expensive steak restaurant on the banks of the Thames which is all decorated in cowhide (but, like, in a classy way)
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