Very pregnant wedding anniversary
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Wedding anniversary two weeks before our baby is due: suggestions?

Our first wedding anniversary is two weeks before our baby is due. I'd like to do something special while keeping my wife comfortable.

My default plan is prenatal massage, but I've already taken her once.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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enjoy a nice, leisurely dinner at a high-end restaurant. a dinner that doesn't involve wondering if the baby's sleeping, thinking about when to get home (if the baby is to be breastfed), etc ... i know this answer is a total stereotype, but seriously!

(i was due a month after our first anniversary, but the baby was 2 wks early! we went & saw eddie izzard the night before i went into labor as our anniversary gift to each other & it was totally rad.)
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Does she swim? My favorite thing when I was pregnant was to go to spas with water relaxation pools and be weightless for a bit.
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I've never been pregnant, but I can imagine it would be nice to stay in nice hotel for a couple of nights, ordering room service, enjoying time (alone) together, and not worrying about anything (final preps before the little one arrives, routine chores, etc). Stay in town, near your doctor/hospital, in case snickerdoodle junior decides to crash the party.
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Traditional first anniversary is paper. I printed out all of our honeymoon pictures on heavy cardstock photo paper. She still flips through them from time to time. Perhaps some pregnancy photos if she's feeling up to it?
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I'll offer the advice I offer to anyone about to have a kid: go out to eat and to a movie. Seems mundane now, but will feel very special in retrospect.
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In addition to what you get for her/do for her on the actual anniversary, it may be nice to also give a card that offers an official, NON-pregnant celebration date for after the baby is born. Assuming, of course, you have a family member to watch the wee one. The first "real" adult night out after the baby is (although stressful for some) very important.

Congrats on baby and anniversary!
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How about a time capsule about your pre-baby life, the excitement you're feeling, what other emotions you're feeling, your expectations, hopes and dreams.

Then open it just before your child's 2nd birthday.

I reckon that would be cool.
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Seconding the lovely romantic hotel in town (if you have the money). See a movie, have a lovely meal, sleep in, order room service in the morning, swim in the it up!
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What bluedaisy said.

Mr. BuffaloChickenWing and I went to his favorite bar (I was dd of course) 4 weeks before our son was due. We didn't feel like it at the time, but boy were we glad we went out. Our son decided to come 3 weeks early! That was the last weekend we had together before he came and we didn't know it.
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Before our son was born, we went to a very nice, very expensive restaurant. The kind where your meal takes 3 hours and you have 2-3 waiters for your table but almost never notice them because they somehow manage to do everything you might need before you even know you need it. The kind of place that costs so much you are embarrassed to talk about it. Also, the kind of place we haven't been to again since our son was born 5 years ago. In retrospect, we're both really glad we did this.
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Our wedding anniversary was just a couple weeks before our first was born, and honestly, I did not want to have to get dressed up and go anywhere. This one is probably a good one not to surprise your wife with, but ask her what she'd like to do and then plan something around that.
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Our anniversary was three weeks before my boys were born (triplets, mind you, so I was about a billion weeks pregnant with one baby) and we had a nice meal in a nice restaurant. It was kind of evil that they sat us in the wine room, but at least I got a nice mocktail.

But the pool idea...stellar. And I feel like a prenatal massage would never be unwelcome.
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