Linen and Silk
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I am starting to think about this years Wedding Anniversary plans (Several months in advance). This year it is apparently Linen and Silk. Have you got any suggestions for fun activities, shared gifts or adventures involving Linen and Silk?

Every year so far I've asked a question about plans for my wedding anniversary:

(1) Paper: We gave a paper together at a conference in the Netherlands*
(2) Cotton: We bought cotton hammocks and slept in them while we sailed our new houseboat home.
(3) Leather: Complicated by very new very small baby, we went out for mindbogglingly pricey steaks in a cowhide decorated restaurant.

The baby is still relatively tiny, but the budget remains modest. What can you suggest?

*this one is a bit of a fudge, since the question isn't actually about the anniversary planning, but I like the sense of completeness it adds, so...
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Best answer: For linen, what about a picnic? If you could find some nice, relatively heavy linen, you could use it as your picnic blanket.

Silk makes me think of lacy underthings, so if you and/or your spouse are the lingerie-wearing sort, that might be an option. Maybe a little too on the nose.
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Some yarn is made from a linen and silk blend. I've worked with one such blend and it was a wonderful yarn, gorgeous and comfortable to the touch: Rowan Silkystones. That one's a nearly half and half split of the two fibers but there are plenty of blends that include other fibers for various properties.

You could take a fibercraft class together and make something with that type of yarn, or commission an artisan to make something for the both of you out of one you've picked out together.

I feel like in the context of marriage, "linen" refers to laundry linens. So maybe it's time to get the really good sheets, or the big absorbent towels. (Sheets would be a thing to combine with schroedingersgirl's suggestion of silk lingerie, now that I think about it...)
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Parachutes were of course traditionally made of silk, if a skydiving experience is in budget, something either of you are at all likely to want to do, and you can find a baby sitter.

Hot air balloons were also historically made of silk as well, and while the above caveats would still apply, I would imagine somewhat less so.
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Visit the remains of a silkworm farm or buy a
silkworm starter kit or £40.
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Take a screenprinting class together?
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With your family all together, maybe now would be a good time to start building your community around you a little.

Linens are a very nice accompaniment to friendly dinner parties. You could throw some kind of gathering for a few neighbors or friends and have a lovely experience with them. This kind of thing is an investment that will make your whole lives, and your children's lives, richer.
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Silk made me think of circus aerial silks- maybe one of those 'Intro to Circus Skills' courses? (I did one once - so much fun!)
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You could take a weaving class together.
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I thought of racing silks... Maybe you could go to a horse race? Or you could design your own silks.
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Silk undies? Both male and female versions. Silk longjohns if you live somewhere very cold.
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You can home dye silk scarves.
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Linen sheets and silk pjs or robes (or underwear if you want to go that direction :)!
They aren't cheap but we love our linen sheets, they feel a little different then cotton but so nice, and seem to keep us both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
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Not sure where you're located, but there are lots of cloth-based public artworks you could visit.

Maybe the world's largest picnic blanket? Or Amanda Browder's works in Brooklyn.
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Oh yay! I like when this question comes up each year. I really like the parachute and hot air balloon suggestions for silk.

Here's part of the Wikipedia entry for linen: "Linen was sometimes used as currency in ancient Egypt. Egyptian mummies were wrapped in linen as a symbol of light and purity, and as a display of wealth." Are there any museums nearby doing an exhibit on Egyptian history?
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Response by poster: I went with the Picnic suggestion in the end.

It is surprisingly hard to buy a Linen blanket in a hurry, but a 55% Linen purple tablecloth successfully served, along with picnic basket, cheap champagne and a tree to sit under in Green Park.
I also bought a green silk pillowcase, (because it's Linen and Silk)

Thanks everyone. Get your ideas ready for next year (Wood)
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