Renting family cabins in the Poconos this summer
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Where is a good place in the Poconos to rent 2-3 adjacent cabins near a lake in the Poconos? Needs to be kid/family friendly with full amenities including AC and kitchens.

My family - - actually four families , three with kids under 6 - - are planning to meet up this summer and spend a week together near the water.

We've been looking at various options but running into issues - - for example the cabins in state parks apparently don't have AC, and a lot of the locations we are looking at are already sold out for 2016.

Unfortunately our schedule isn't very flexible. It would have to be around the last week of July/first week of August.

There are lots of listings for cabins or lodges but they all seem to be individual listings and we need two cabins (or three if they're small) right next to each other.

Not exactly sure of the budget but ideally around $2500 for the week for everyone.
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My children all rented after prom houses in the Catskills and Poconos (NY). They are large enough to fit 20+ people. It had AC, a pool and access to a lake beach. Not sure about adjacent cabins, but I know you can find large houses to accommodate the # of people and the AC requirements.

I could only find the name of two agencies that specialize in these, but there are several. Here is one I found in Catskills. Here is one in the Poconos.

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