Hindu temple in the Poconos with painted steps
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Around 1986, my family visited a Hindu temple or similar religious facility in the Poconos area of Pennsylvania. I remember that the path from the parking lot up the hill to the building was a stairway of huge stone steps, each of which was painted with a different design. Does this temple still exist? Where is it? Online photos of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, the Jain temple Siddhachalam, and Sringeri Sadhana Center don't look like what I remember.
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I called my mom and she said the temple used to be known as the Raja Rajeshwari temple and then became the Sharada Peetham temple under the aegis of Sringeri Sadhana. I'll have to investigate further because I still can't find any photos online depicting the stairway I remember.
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I asked my mom, and this is the only thing she could think of. It's not quite the Poconos, but it's close. Unfortunately, I couldn't pull up any pictures. http://m.yelp.com/biz/sringeri-vidya-bharati-foundation-stroudsburg
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I talked with my mom recently and she thinks it might have been near Pittsburgh...
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