What do the Hindu flags mean?
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What are the significance of colored flags I see posted in front of my Hindu neighbor's home?

I've noticed that my Hindu neighbors normally have red flags in their front yard. Today I noticed the flag is yellow with a gold trim. I've also the red flags in front of other Hindu homes. What is the significance of the red flag, the yellow flag, and do Hindus use other flags as well?
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Did you Google for this? See here.
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Response by poster: beniamino, they had just left when I noticed the flag change, and were dressed up in kurtas and the like, which isn't normal for them per se, so I figured they were heading out to a religious festival.

Digging deeper based on that info, I was finally able to find that tomorrow is Maha Shivarati, so perhaps it's related to that.

Acoutu, I'll give that link a look. Wasn't sure how exactly to google it. Thanks.
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Mod note: a few comments removed, including "why not ask the neighbor" which missed is referring to
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an aside note....acoutu, that link you listed is from a place that is less then a mile from where i sit right now....i love the internets
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