Looking for new latin/world music
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Latin/Spanish/World MusicFilter; Any recommendations out there for Latin,, Spanish or other cool World Music....I really enjoy Gipsy Kings, Calexico, Pink Martini and the like.

That's it. Latin/World music....any reccomendations are highly appreciated.
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os mutantes ... a 60's mix of brazilian music and anything else they thought that would fit ... brilliant stuff
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A good place to start is the Rough Guides music series. It's made by the same company that does the Rough Guide tour books, and features CD-length compilations of music from a specific culture or country. Pretty much any CD from them is guaranteed to be interesting, albeit not all-ecompassing by any means.

Another couple labels to check out are David Byrne's Luaka Bop, which does a lot of amazing Brazilian stuff (I'd recommend World Psychedelic Classics Vol. 1 (which is Os Mutantes) and 3) and Peter Gabriel's Real World, which put out, among other things, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's incredible music.

If I had to make a single recommendation... well, I absolutely love African rock 'n roll. See if you can find anything by Thomas Mapfumo, who invented Chimurenga--in fact, pretty much anything from Zimbabwe is worth hearing. From Brazil, try and find some Caetano Veloso, who's often called the "Brazilian Dylan." Make sure you find a disc with English translations of the lyrics. None of that is necessarily "Latin"-sounding in the same Tejano way that the Gypsy Kings and Calexico are, but it's still really incredible. For the Tex-Mex sound, try its accompanying Rough Guide.
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Speaking of David Byrne, I really liked his first solo album Rei Momo. No lyric translations required either.

On the jazzy side, Buena Vista Social Club and the Afro-Cuban All Stars are favorites of mine.
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I enjoy La Ley (especially Uno and the unplugged album), Juanes (particularly the Un Día Normal album), and the entire soundtrack to Amores Perros. Lots of more classic options out there, but these are some of my favorite to recommend.
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If you like Pink Martini, check out Paris Combo. All French (can't tell from the question if you're looking for Spanish-language only or open to others), but very jazzy and modern. I always think of the two groups together.
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Buena Vista Social Club has already been noted. I would also suggest Ibrahim Ferrer's album on the same label.
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I like Manu Chao and also The Fabulous Trobadors
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I suggest Omara Portuonda "Flor de amor", Césaria Évora "Voz d'Amor", Mariza "Fado curvo" and Gotan Project "La Revancha del Tango". All are available on Amazon, iTunes etc.
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If you like the French music, you can check out the following:

Benjemin Biolay
Keren Ann
Coralie Clement
Jaques Brel
Serge Gainsbourg
Yves Montand
Carla Bruni
France Gall
Francoise Hardy
Edith Piaf

Slightly more indie-rock:

Autour de Lucie
Stereo Total
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  • Amistades Peligrosas (more on the pop spectrum of pop-rock)
  • Heroes del Silencio (definitely rock español)

  • You have to check out the forró music. Forró is an easy Brazilian dance that's kinda like salsa but I associate it more with parties out in the country. Maybe that's my experience only? But the Aviões de Forró are awesome, in particular, and a great introduction to the genre.
  • If you like the lounge-y-ness of Pink Martini you should look into fado, which has great vocals and in general a sadder tone. Some names to try would be Amalia Rodrigues, Cristina Branco, and Ana Moura.

    World music in general:
    The groups you listed, I like them a lot, so hopefully these will also be up your line:
  • Balkanarama: all kinds of roms and other Romanian and Balkan music
  • Chava Alberstein: the lady of Israeli music. I really like her songs in Yiddish.

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    Motel de Moka
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    I recommend, nay, highly recommend listening to the weekly podcasts from ritmolatino for eclectic latin stuff.

    For more general world music, I have not come across anything as good as Radioio World (it's an internet radio station).
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    The late great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
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    Response by poster: I am really liking the Radioio World...and back ordered the Byrne Brazilian music...advice has given me some brand new searches in itunes...mucho gracious amigos....

    ...can't seem to figure out how to download the motel de moka files to itunes
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    apple-click on a mac, jamie, then "save link as".
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    Yerba Buena.
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    If you like Manu Chao you will also like Amparanoia.

    For older very emotive music, you may like the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas

    Kiko Veneno is a really great Spanish singer/songwriter with fun lyrics.

    Then of course there's Joaquin Sabina who has amazingly clever lyrics.
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    A couple of others to check out (particularly for the Spanish/North African feel) Radio Tarifa and Ojos de Brujo
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    Here are my three favorite Latin groups/artists:
    Jarabe De Palo (poppy rock group from Spain)
    Carlos Vives (Colombian singer- mixes up traiditional sounds and instuments with more modern stuff. Very energetic and fun music)
    Maná (Mexican group whose lead singer sounds eeriely like Sting)
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    Ibrihim Ferrar
    Bene Morey

    These are a couple of cuban jazz singers. Ibrihim in particular is one of my faves.

    The Beuna Vista Social Club as noted previously is a superb album.
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