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June 4

Pittsburgh Potables (and Activities)

I'll be in Pittsburgh this upcoming Tuesday night through Friday afternoon for a work conference. My days are mostly booked (although I might have an afternoon or morning off), but my evenings are free. What should I do, and more importantly, where should I eat? I'll be staying downtown near 10th and Penn. [more inside]
posted by matildatakesovertheworld around Pittsburgh, PA at 4:02 PM - 9 answers

April 13

What’s cool for the kids in Philly now?

Visiting Philly with a four year old next week. What are some fun places I can take them? [more inside]
posted by inevitability around Philadelphia, PA at 9:37 AM - 7 answers

March 8

Short connections between flights: any tips?

Are there any good ways to maximize my chances of successfully getting from Terminal F in Philadelphia to Terminal A in 45 minutes? [more inside]
posted by wenestvedt around Philadelphia, PA at 6:54 AM - 11 answers

December 8, 2021

What to do in Philadelphia: Winter No Car Edition

I've been wanting to visit Philadelphia since about forever and finally have 4 days/3 nights January 29-Feb 1, and editors interested in stories! (I'm a food and travel writer.) No car; I'm happy on public transportation but don't want to stand freezing at too many bus stops. I saw this recent Ask and am looking for further recommendations, particularly things located in the nice warm indoors. [more inside]
posted by cyndigo around Philadelphia, PA at 3:16 PM - 12 answers

November 2, 2021

Recommendations for a short fall weekend in Pittsburgh with the dog?

We're heading to Pittsburgh this weekend for a short overnight trip with the dog. Can you recommend some neighborhoods, parks, and other areas to explore with a dog in tow? Also, good vegetarian takeout food? [more inside]
posted by pilibeen around Pittsburgh, PA at 12:51 PM - 6 answers

June 4, 2021

Need Philadelphia suburb recommendations

Must haves: good schools, walkability, reasonable commutes to UPenn (by public transit) and Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill (by car). [more inside]
posted by rabbitrabbit around Philadelphia, PA at 9:49 AM - 7 answers

May 13, 2021

What Philly neighborhood should we move to?

We're moving to Philly (from Brooklyn) by the end of the year. Help me figure out where we land! [more inside]
posted by babelfish around Philadelphia, PA at 8:44 AM - 16 answers

April 28, 2021

What should I visit in and around State College, PA?

I'm planning a weekend road trip to State College, PA in a few weeks. (Hooray for vaccines!) What should I check out while I'm in the area? [more inside]
posted by escape from the potato planet around State College, PA at 3:53 PM - 8 answers

July 6, 2020

Extra Septa Regional Rail Tickets (maybe expired), can't use?

1) How does Septa know that tickets expire? 2) If these tickets are usable, what forum or organization would take them? I'll mail. [more inside]
posted by sandmanwv around Philadelphia, PA at 6:38 AM - 5 answers has best

January 3, 2020

Road Trip. To Pittsburgh. With Kiddo.

What shouldn't we miss? Details inside, of course. [more inside]
posted by cheese around Pittsburgh, PA at 8:36 AM - 24 answers

November 25, 2019

The opposite of the usual “went through the wrong toll lane” - PA 476

Usually when people ask this type of question it’s because they went through an EZ-Pass lane without a transponder. I did exactly the opposite - I went though a “CASH ONLY” lane with an EZ-Pass. This was at a point where 476 changes from EZ-Pass only to cash and EZ-Pass. What now?
posted by Seeking Direction around Pennsylvania at 12:32 PM - 3 answers has best

September 10, 2019

Where in Pittsburgh do college students hang out?

I'm taking the 18-year-old to Pittsburgh for a college open house this Sunday. We're arriving around lunchtime Saturday and staying in the South Side. I'm looking for recommendations on places to check out in the city where college students typically hang out and do fun stuff. Thanks in advance.
posted by shallowcenter around Pittsburgh, PA at 9:42 AM - 6 answers

August 27, 2019

Philly Restaurant Recommendation...for tomorrow

I need to find a good restaurant for 6 people to meet and converse, in Center City, tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Please help! [more inside]
posted by Miko around Philadelphia, PA at 8:15 PM - 7 answers

August 16, 2019

Five hours in Philadelphia with an infant and luggage

We're flying to Philadelphia and will have some time to burn before we can check into our AirBnB. What can we do with a 10-month-old and luggage in tow? [more inside]
posted by stripesandplaid around Philadelphia, PA at 6:40 AM - 4 answers

August 12, 2019

The bright lights of ... Easton, Pennsylvania

Mother in law wants to meet husband, 3 year old, and I to meet at the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pa. this weekend. Is there anything else to do there?! [more inside]
posted by kat518 around Fullerton, PA at 8:13 PM - 11 answers has best

August 10, 2019

Should I just sucumb to the Wawa cult? dinner in Fort Washington, PA

I am going to Fort Washington, PA for a one day training in a few weeks. Looking for a place to eat that'll scratch my "I've-eaten-the-local-thing-that's-good" itch. [more inside]
posted by vespabelle around Philadelphia, PA at 9:17 AM - 12 answers

July 29, 2019

What to do in Pittsburgh, early riser edition

I will be in Pittsburgh for a long weekend. I am an early riser and love exploring new cities before most people are up. Atlas Obscura suggests Homewood Cemetery early enough to see it in the fog, which is PERFECT for me. Anything else fun to do in the morning before my traveling partners are up? I usually just grab coffee and walk around but I would love to hear from locals if there are other good destinations to add to my list. Staying downtown, no car, happy to hop on transit or use bikeshare.
posted by look busy around Pittsburgh, PA at 4:12 PM - 10 answers has best

May 20, 2019

Family anniversary "experience" in/near Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh folks to the rescue! My parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary this year. My brother and I offered to throw a party, but they said they just wanted something with the immediate family. Can you suggest something special we can do together so our memory is of more than just a nice dinner? [more inside]
posted by snowymorninblues around Pittsburgh, PA at 8:09 AM - 4 answers has best

May 8, 2019

Headed to Philly in June, where to catch a snooze and hang out

I haven't been to Philly since a 6th grade field trip and need some guidance. Details inside. [more inside]
posted by maxg94 around Philadelphia, PA at 7:25 AM - 16 answers has best

April 2, 2019

Shady Hotel asking for Astronomical incidental deposit prior to check in

A while ago on I booked a hotel in downtown Philadelphia. It appear to be a private hotel (called China Garden) it was for 4 nights and cost around $530 which I already paid via credit card. I thought nothing about it until today, a week prior to start of reservation, when I received a message from the hotel asking for a $350 in incidental deposit via credit card on their own form which they ask me to download, fill out and return to them "no later than one business day before your arrival." Can they do that? [more inside]
posted by Pantalaimon around Philadelphia, PA at 3:58 PM - 15 answers