Where to stay in the Poconos?
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Recommendations for inns/cabins in the Poconos?

I recently traveled to a wedding in Maine with a friend, and we stayed at a gorgeous resort (Migis Lodge) on Sebago Lake. We had our own beautiful cabin with TWO beds (just friends), a deck overlooking the lake, and a real, crackling fireplace. Another plus is that all meals were included and served in the dining room.

We'd like to stay in a similar place in the Poconos. Does anyone have recommendations for a rustic, but not romantic (just friends!) vaykay? A lodge-type situation like Migis would be great, but can be expensive. A cabin with a kitchen would also work, but all of the rental sites I've visited give vague descriptions and a lot of the cabins look pretty rundown. A TV and fireplace are key. We just want to escape the city for a few days and relax. Not necessary, but it would also be nice to be near a cute town with food, coffee, etc.
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I grew up in the Poconos and spent the first 30 years of my life there. I would stay at either Pocono Manor, Skytop Lodge, or the Crescent Lodge. And yes, I would definitely expect the cabins you've been seeing advertised on line to be run-down in real life, just like the rest of the Poconos. I mean no snark, that's just the way it is there, the whole area is sadly and seriously economically depressed, but the scenery is hard to top.

If you'd like to email me I can tell you about other places in the Poconos if you like, I just picked the first places I thought of that were nice enough to mention, but more importantly - I can tell you WHAT/WHERE TO AVOID!!!
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Whatever you do, avoid Penn Hills Resort.

People email me every few weeks every summer thanking me for warning them off.
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Bischwind B&B. And for breakfast and lunches, GO TO THE Bear Creek Cafe.
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Whatever you do, avoid Penn Hills Resort.
I should have said that very thing first off, heed this advice, it's spot on!

*bites tongue at mention of any county other than Monroe being considered Poconos*
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