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I've recently really enjoyed Jordan Peterson's psychology lectures on youtube and I'd like to find more like them. Other video lectures I've enjoyed have been Shelly Kagan's Death, and Michael Sandel's Justice. Please tell me of others so I can watch them.

I'm looking for lively lectures in the humanities from accomplished, opinionated professors. They should be videos of actual courses, given to actual students for credit -- no podcasts or TED talks. MOOCs are fine as long as I don't have to register or do actual work.

Courses that I don't have all the prereqs for, or that go a bit over my head, are still welcome, as long they're fun.

Humanities / liberal arts / soft sciences are preferred, but I could also be interested in really extraordinary lectures in the STEM topics, e.g. the Feynman lectures on physics.

I can google and find plenty of list dumps for this sort of thing but I'm interested in videos that you can personally vouch for (if any).

And, despite all the above requirements, the stakes here are pretty low -- I just want to fill some odd hours watching interesting lectures.
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I only listened to them on iTunes U, and haven't seen the videos, but I really enjoyed John Merriman's European Civilization: 1648-1945 course.
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You'd probably like Rick Roderick, who was certainly lively and opinionated.

The Self Under Siege: 20th Century Philosophy
Philosophy And Human Values
Nietzsche and the Postmodern Condition

They don't quite fit your criteria - I think these were VHS lectures made for The Teaching Company, in the late 80's - but, I am told by a friend who studied with him, they are very similar to his undergraduate classes. There are also transcripts of these lectures here.
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Psychology professor (Rutgers U.) and esteemed psychoanalyst/author George Atwood has his Abnormal Psychology class on his YouTube channel.
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I've really enjoyed "The Western Tradition" with Eugen Weber. It's Weber's UCLA western civilization course from the '80s, broken into 52 half-hour segments. He lectures over imagery from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I found the combination captivating.

The streaming from learner.org seems wonky, but the DVDs are widely available at libraries.
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