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As I delve deeper back into the sublime grip of Star Wars fandom (I had escaped for a while), I've decided that I'd like to add a podcast or two to my podcast listening habits. I've seen "Star Wars Minute" referenced in previous answers, but I was curious if there were any other Star Wars podcasts of top quality to listen to which MeFites would recommend?
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Best answer: I haven't listened to it yet (because it's starting on September 18th!) but Storywonk is tackling Star Wars for their next seminar series. You're just in time to listen to it as it comes out (and join in on live-tweeting, if that's your thing). Alastair Stephens, the half of StoryWonk who does the seminar things, is re-watching the movies in release order over several weeks.

I discovered Storywonk through their Buffy podcast, and have found the last two seminars (on Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice) thoroughly delightful. Their approach is very much about story, so it will be about the narrative of the movies taken separately from the fandom and later Stars Wars works. It should be fun, and would be a very different perspective from the level of (also fun) detail in "Star Wars Minute".
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Best answer: I've become a big enthusiast lately of David Sims' & Griffin Newman's The Phantom Podcast/Attack of the Podcast, a comedic show that looks at the first, well, now two Star Wars movies as if they were the only ones to be made, with the initial idea that looking at them without the crushing disappointment of comparison and expectations might make them more interesting movies. It doesn't, but it's very fun splashing around mocking the endless disastrous story elements, stressful-sounding technical work, and utterly baffling notions of what the Phantom Menace might be about. It takes a couple episodes to hit its stride, but by episode 3 it's excellent.
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