Looking for esoteric / weird Youtube to feed my addiction
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I'm a fan of the more out-there, esoteric side of Youtube, and looking for more channels to subscribe to. Although older content is fine, I'd prefer channels that are not defunct so I can look forward to future updates. Some examples below!

Right now I'm a huge fan of the channels below, which fall into a few different categories:

1. found footage, and clip-edits of old VHS tapes or TV garbage
Everything is Terrible
Crazy Dave's Tapes
memory hole
Classics of Game
Grimy Ghost
Honeydew Wilkins

2. completely bananas original content
Cut Dat
Jillian Mayer

3. personal channels whose content is awful, either intentionally (i.e. they're in on the joke), or unintentionally (they are completely oblivious)
this cartoonist
this gospel singer
this rapper
these rockstars

I also love uncategorizable stuff, like this dude who reviews fast food, junk food and energy drinks in a monotone voice, and films it on an analog camcorder. His videos are oddly addictive to me.

Or this guy who makes short films with very uncomfortable-looking bikini models.

Anyway, everybody please pipe in with your favourite odd, esoteric or out-there Youtube channels!
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When I started growing out my hair last year, I looked on YouTube for some information about keeping up with the awkward stage and fell into a rabbit hole of "men growing long hair" videos. Raul Taylor seems the most popular of them, but you can check out the folks who regularly comment on his videos, as well.

It's just fascinating to me to watch everyone interact about this one specific thing.
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I'm not sure about favorite, but How To Basic would probably fit the "bonkers" bill.

Despite there not being new episodes, I love these weirdly-edited ST:TNG clips from a few years back.
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Photonicinduction on YouTube is pretty bonkers and entertaining. I can't remember the name of the Canadian engineer that also has some funny videos - he usually shocks himself or something.
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Okay, this stuff sits under category #3 that you've listed.
Anthony Firth/JAG media. These guys seem to be largely obsessed with Ryan Gosling, pizza, their grandpa and a children's toy that plays Farmer in the Dell. They are prolific and still active.
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Jan Terri would definitely fit into category 3.
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I'm a big fan of the Dance of Life Dancer. She's pretty well known in St Louis. Her videos where she's talking in her kitchen are more interesting than the dances, but it's all fascinating.
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The Lord Steven Christ, who spends a lot of time telling us about how the earth is not a rotating planet around the sun, but the surface is a concave surface, a sphere containing the cosmos inside of it. It's...kind of hypnotic.
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Adult Swim's "Off The Air" is just getting started
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Autie Fee's Cooking show is some delicious mixture of your category #2 and #3.
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Best answer: docfuture creates hilarious and surreal videos using retro footage (though not exclusively). My favorite is Sonic 2: Special Edition, a walkthrough of a game that does not exist.
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You might like the Grickle channel, amusing oddball stuff. He even has a game you can download.
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raysipeladygaga is certainly odd. I'm not sure if it counts as awful but it's something all right.
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Best answer: There's an entire subreddit for this.
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Best answer: 1. found footage, and clip-edits of old VHS tapes or TV garbage

Trash Night Video - currently updating and a real life monthly event in boston
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Vinesauce specializes in exploring bugs in and corruptions of games.
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Crazy Russian Hacker often does some, yes, crazy stuff...
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Best answer: Alan Resnick & alantutorial

David Firth

Mitch Magee's "Welcome to my Study" (although his channel has been quiet lately)

Waverly films (updates stopped years ago)
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