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I am looking for the artist behind this [nsfw] sculpture. Do you know who it is?
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I found that photo illustrating a news article about the banning of exhibition "Mujer en Custodia", by MarĂ­a Eugenia Trujillo.

Her work seems to involve vulva inspired imagery, but I'm not finding that piece amongst her work, and the style is different, so maybe it's not hers, I'll try to confirm.
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No, not her, sorry.
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How frustrating. Not an answer, but this on G+ is the oldest iteration I've found of her, posted in November 2012. People in late 2014 confirm they've been unable to identify it.

No, this on Crazyshit is a day older, but no leads there either.
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Just for completeness's sake, 3rd Nov 2012 on Facebook. I waded through all 407 comments to no avail. Depending on your dedication you can also go through all 5665 shares...
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