More happy fun dancing videos please!
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I love watching Urban Dance Camp videos on YouTube. What else should I watch?

I love the videos showing different groups doing the same choreography. I love the styles of Keone and Mariel Madrid and Koharu Sugawara and Quick Crew. I love Chris Martin's irrepressible grin. I don't love the music when it gets mysogynistic, but I love the energy and camaraderie. I love how happy and supportive the group is. I love the different body types, and I would like to see even more.
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Best answer: This "Anaconda" choreography makes me happy.
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Best answer: I was going to say this other Nikki Minaj song (choreographer Tricia Miranda) and realized it's the same choreographer as hepta's recommendation! I love all styles of the different dancers.

I'm also really into Luam's channel.
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Have you watched any So You Think You Can Dance? Keone and Mariel were guest choreographers, so there is some crossover. Tabitha and Napoleon D'uomo are the main hip hop choreographers. Also check out Christopher Scott and the League of Extraordinary Dancers.
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I enjoyed this. Not quite the same, but kind of awesome.
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Best answer: You may like some of the links in this FPP about last year's VIBE hip hop dance competition.
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Response by poster: Sacrifix, I missed that FPP! And it's perfect! :)

Wsquared, thanks for the heads up on SYTYCD. I don't watch much broadcast tv, but I will hunt for it now! Hopefully someone streams it for us Canucks.
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