Help me find a cute, affordable bikini somewhere other than Walmart!
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I found a bikini I really like here. The problem is it is a Walmart exclusive brand and for various reasons I really don't like shopping at Walmart. Help!

I really like the fact that this has a decent amount of coverage on the top and bottom pieces. It's only been a few summers that I have gone the two piece route at all and I'm still a bit shy! I love the cute style as well. Can you suggest comparable suits at other retailers? I have been looking at ModCloth, but they don't quite have what I'm looking for... Thank in advance!
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Unique Vintage has similar cuts. I've found their brand on 6pm and Amazon as well. Searching for Pin Up or High Waisted will help. (I have a similar one from Unique Vintage brand through
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Aerie (American Eagle) also does high-waisted bottoms (also "sky-high" and "mid-high"); they're meant to be mix-and-match so you can pick the coordinating tops you like. The caveat is that they're juniors sizing so you'll need to adjust and check the size charts, but they do make the swim tops in bra sizing which I really like.

If you need bigger sizing, my friend loves her two-piece swimsuit from Swimsuits for All.
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And because I'm bored, [and love swimming suits] I'll shop for you. If Unique Vintage is too pricy ... Here's a search on Amazon for high waisted bikini. (Or one for High Waist Swimsuit.) Here's a polka dot one. And a more ruffly one. These have adorable bows.
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Check out ModCloth's swimwear! They have many similar designs, including this one which is pretty similar to your inspiration pic.
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Sorry, missed your explicit Modcloth comment at the end there. Still think that suit is quite similar!
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For what it's worth, I have that exact Wal Mart suit and it fits well and looks good.
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Esther Williams has something like that but I think you're going to have a hard time meeting the Walmart price point most places.
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I have had luck with Old Navy swimwear over the years. I like their tankinis since I prefer a modest bathing suit too.
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I got a bikini of the exact same cut from Old Navy last year. Or try Modcloth.
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