Bikini shopping?
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Where can I find a stylish bikini that would work for me?

I'm looking to buy my first bikini (or two) online, but having some difficulty for various reasons. Shopping in person is unfortunately not possible for me.

First, I'm a DD, which means I seem to get very little love from many of the more fashionable stores.

Second, I'm fairly pale, especially my legs and stomach. I don't feel the need to tan beforehand since I'm fairly confident and know that I'll tan soon enough while on vacation. However, I don't want to choose a color that completely washes me out. (I'm also a dirty/darker blonde, hazel eyes, and have a tattoo on my shoulder, if any of that matters).

Finally, if possible, I'd love to find something that's relatively fashionable and fairly sexy, even punky if possible. The few bikini stores I've been able to find so far often seem to have rather boring designs. Or designs that make it seem as if I'm expected to hide my chest, as if I should be ashamed of my size.

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I'm not sure if this top and bottom are your style, but I think they're cute and black would probably look great on you. Figleaves has tons of options in DD sizes, many quite cute, though not many in a punky aesthetic.
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J Crew and Athleta both make large cup bikinis that don't look like poorly adapted underwear. The J Crew ones fit me better on top (I'm skinny and my athleta bikini has a big gap between the cups in front) but the athleta bottoms are really well cut.
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Best answer: The Pinup Couture bikini tops work fine for me as a DD cup; they don't have underwire, but they have a good solid padded cup construction.
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I bought a swimsuit from Land's End last year and I've been very pleased with it. There are some nice pieces on Land's End Canvas as well. If you do order something and it doesn't fit (or you just don't like it) they have a very good return policy.
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Macy's carries a line called 2Bamboo that carries stylish looking bikinis in bra top sizes.
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Bravissimo fits my daughter very well.
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Victoria's Secret has great bikinis especially if you need some support.
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Response by poster: Oh wow, Sidhedevil, thank you for that recommendation!

I clicked on your link and ended up doing a two hour search on pin up clothing and I think I've fallen in love with all of the swimsuits at once. And the dresses. *Grin*
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